The Bamboo Toilet Paper Fighting Period Poverty

The Bamboo Toilet Paper Fighting Period Poverty

04 Feb 2023

Access to personal hygiene essentials, like our bamboo toilet paper, is something most of us take for granted. But not everyone is so fortunate.

We were shocked when we found out that over 500 million women and girls of reproductive age worldwide don’t have the means to properly manage their periods with health, safety, and dignity. This means that they might have to miss school or work simply because they lack proper period supplies and menstrual health education. Some even face shame and stigmatization as a result. The term used to describe this is Period Poverty and it can have a serious impact on families, communities, and nations. And it’s not just in developing countries. According to one study, 1 in 5 teenagers surveyed in the United States have struggled to afford period products.

Bamboo Toilet Paper and Kitchen Roll: Helping Reduce Period Poverty

Toilet paper and kitchen roll made from bamboo offer a sustainable alternative to traditional paper products, thanks to the rapid growth and regenerative properties of bamboo. Bamboo grows up to 20 times faster than trees, making it an abundant and renewable resource. Moreover, bamboo can be cultivated without the need for harmful pesticides or excessive water, reducing environmental impact. When transformed into paper products, bamboo is biodegradable, promoting a more eco-friendly end-of-life cycle. Here you caan learn more about bamboo toilet paper and why it is so great.

Our bamboo toilet paper and kitchen roll represent a pinnacle of sustainable personal hygiene products, crafted with the utmost commitment to environmental responsibility. This dedication to sustainability is precisely why we believe these products are a perfect contribution in the fight against period poverty.

bamboo kitchen roll
bamboo toilet paper

Period poverty is a pressing issue that affects countless individuals, primarily women and girls, around the world. It refers to the lack of access to menstrual hygiene products and proper sanitation facilities, due to financial constraints or limited resources. This scarcity forces many to make difficult choices between buying essential items like food and paying for menstrual products. Period poverty not only poses physical discomfort and health risk but also perpetuates a cycle of shame and stigma around menstruation. Addressing this issue involves providing affordable or free menstrual products and promoting open conversations to eradicate the embarrassment associated with a natural bodily process. Together, we can work towards a world where no one has to endure period poverty, ensuring that everyone can manage their menstruation with dignity and ease.

Knowing what we now know, we couldn’t stand by and let this happen. That’s why, with each bamboo toilet paper subscription, we’ll provide a period kit to a woman who needs it through the organisation Days for Girls (DfG).

Days For Girls: Life-Changing Menstrual Health Solutions

Days for Girls, a force that's truly turning periods into pathways. This extraordinary initiative is on a mission to break down the barriers that restrict women and girls due to menstruation, paving the way for better health, education, and livelihoods. Through innovative solutions, global partnerships, and the mobilization of dedicated volunteers, Days for Girls is not only increasing access to vital menstrual care but also demolishing the stigma that shrouds this natural part of life. With a track record of reaching over 3 million women and girls worldwide, their cost-effective, sustainable products empower women to manage their periods effectively and engage in everyday activities without constraints.

Their work is based on:

  • Increasing access to menstrual supplies
  • Shattering stigma through education
  • Elevating menstrual health
  • Advocating for global policy change

By promoting education and advocacy, they're promoting a world where menstrual health is a catalyst for positive change, advocating for it to be prioritized on a global scale, from local policies to international initiatives. With their inspiring work impacting lives in 145 countries and beyond, Days for Girls is truly turning the tide for millions of individuals. Let's join them in shattering the stigma and making a difference in the lives of women and girls everywhere.

1 Bamboo Toilet Paper Subscription = 1 DfG Period Kit

agood company ◣ Days for Girls

With each bamboo toilet paper or kitchen roll subscription, we’ll provide a period kit to a woman who needs it. Each DfG Kit contains waterproof shields, absorbent liners, panties, a washcloth, soap, a carry pouch for washing and storing, a care and use sheet, and a drawstring bag to hold everything.

All the components are reusable and each kit can last up 2 to 3 years when taken care of properly.

days for girls period kit
days for girls period pads

An Elegant, Sustainable Solution To Be Proud Of

But that’s not where it ends

This remarkable initiative not only increases access to menstrual care and education but is dedicated to eradicating the deep-seated stigma that has long surrounded menstruation. Their goal? To uplift women, improve their health, and transform their lives.

Days for Girls has taken a multifaceted approach to this mission. They collaborate with women, communities, educators, and governments across the globe to address the taboo surrounding menstruation. By equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools to craft sustainable menstrual products and delivering comprehensive menstrual health education through their Social Enterprise program, they've laid the foundation for lasting, transformative change. Furthermore, their partnership with government bodies and advocacy groups supports menstrual health initiatives at local and national levels, creating ripple effects of progress.

Days for Girls Notable Achievements:

days for girls

Their outstanding efforts have resulted in remarkable achievements, such as launching the South African Coalition For Menstrual Health Management and enhancing public access to menstrual materials in Maryland State.

Days for Girls' holistic approach has already brought dignity back to 2.6 million menstruators worldwide.

And their commitment to this cause is unwavering. With their tireless dedication, they're not only changing lives but changing the narrative around menstruation for the better. Let's stand with them in their mission to empower women and restore their dignity!

bamboo toilet paper fighting against period poverty

Final Words: Bamboo Toilet Paper and Kitchen Roll Joining the Fight Against Period Poverty

Access to basic personal hygiene, such as our bamboo toilet paper, is often taken for granted, but the harsh reality is that over 500 million women and girls worldwide face Period Poverty. This widespread issue, with its roots in stigma and limited access to menstrual care, transcends borders and affects lives in profound ways. To address this, we're teaming up with Days for Girls (DfG), an organization dedicated to transforming lives. With each bamboo toilet paper subscription, we're providing menstrual kits to women in need through DfG, helping to break down barriers, empower women, and restore dignity. Days for Girls has reached over 3 million women and girls in 145 countries, dismantling the stigma through education and advocacy. Join us in making a positive impact and supporting a world where menstruation is no longer a hindrance but a pathway to a brighter future.

Social Impact of agood company

We started agood company with a simple idea: to make the world a better place, not just for us, but for everyone and the environment. Our products are all about doing good – addressing important problems and helping communities through agood foundation. We believe that businesses can make money and do good at the same time. We follow good examples, and we hope to inspire other businesses to do the same. Take a look at our products addressing different global problems.

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