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Our eco-friendly phone accessories collection features a handy MagSafe ring available in black and white colour, a multi-charging cable made from recycled materials, phone screen protectors and a sleek phone wallet — all created with the environment in mind.
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Explore our sustainable phone accessories collection

Many phone accessories are made of plastic, and that's bad for the environment. But if we use materials that are better for the Earth, we can really make a difference. Let's choose greener phone accessories and make a promise to reduce plastic waste for a better digital future. With sustainable phone accessories, we can help our planet without giving up the convenience of tech.


Our MagSafe ring is compatible with all our phone cases for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 family. This MagSafe ring sure is magnificent. Wanna know what's so special about it? You can move it, remove it, reuse it - until eternity. Whenever you change your case, keep the MagSafe ring. Neat, right?

Our MagSafe for iPhone 14 is available in one design, while MagSafe for iPhone 15 is available in two colours: white and black.

Power up responsibly with our multi-charging cable made from recycled materials

This is the last charging cable you’ll ever need. Our multi-charger with USB-C, Lightning and Micro-USB heads are capable of charging with lightning speed. A combination of recycled BPA-free plastic braided in recycled nylon means it will never, ever fray, even with intense use. It will never frustrate you either, as tangle-free means you can quickly use it when you need to. Reduce e-waste without compromising on functionality.

Screen protector protecting your device and the planet

Our screen protectors shield your phone from scratches and cracks but the best part is they are designed with the environment in mind. Made from recycled glass, tempered, strong and durable, these protectors offer top-notch protection for your device while reducing your ecological footprint. Besides, they are super responsive and easy to apply. Check out the instructions on how to apply your new REPRTCT™ screen protector.

Sustainable phone wallet

Turn any phone case into an eco-friendly phone wallet. Made from 100% recycled nylon, it provides a sleek and compact solution to carry your cards and cash alongside your smartphone. Are you ready to say goodbye to bulky wallets?

Ethical phone accessories for an ethical lifestyle

Our B-Corp certification ensures ethical business practices. Beyond sleek designs, each purchase contributes to positive social and environmental impacts. Learn more about our social impact and choose our accessories for a sustainable and stylish tech upgrade.

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