The notebooks and pens fighting the water crisis

The notebooks and pens fighting the water crisis

22 Sep 2022

Our stone paper notebooks and natural grass pens are designed to use as little water as possible in the production process.


Water is a precious resource, which is why we go to great lengths to preserve it. But we wanted to do more.

We’ve partnered with the non-profit charity: water.


Water changes everything 


Worldwide, 771 million people lack basic access to clean and safe drinking water—that’s 1 in 10 people.

It means children can’t go to school, adults can’t go to work, and people regularly get sick. These problems are felt especially acutely by girls and women as they’re often the ones tasked with water collection.

Providing easy access to clean water is one of the most powerful tools for economic growth we know. But it can simply mean giving a young girl the free time to braid her hair.

It changes everything.


Why charity: water?

charity: water has been on a mission to end the water crisis since 2006, so they know what they’re doing.


To make a lasting impact, they’ve found the most effective method is to form partnerships with local organizations who know their regions inside out.

Through them, they implement a variety of solutions—wells, filters, rainwater capture—to get clean water to communities that need it.

They also ensure that communities receive comprehensive sanitation and hygiene education to promote long-term health. All partners are carefully vetted for experience, detailed reporting, and taking a community-led approach.

So far, charity: water has funded over 100,000 projects in 29 countries, improving the lives of over 15 million people.

We’re excited to add our little drops to this ocean!

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