Collection: Eco-Friendly Hair Care Products For All Hair Types

This eco-friendly hair care collection is a luxurious blend of sustainability and innovation. The line includes products for oily hair, for curly or colored hair, or balanced formula for all hair types. With plant-based ingredients and refillable options, the products cater to environmentally conscious consumers. These products balance sebum levels, stimulate growth, and strengthen locks. All reflect a commitment to both hair health and the planet.
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Exclusive Eco-Friendly Hair Care Collection

Discover the epitome of sustainable luxury with Dot & Lola's hair care collection, designed to cater to the evolving needs of eco-conscious consumers. Elevate your experience with Dot & Lola's innovative and luxurious products – a testimonial to ethical activities that appeal to environmentally conscious customers.

Embrace this eco-friendly ethos, with plant-based, naturally derived ingredients that will protect your hair and help you in mastering low-maintenance daily hair care routine. Reduce waste with refillable options, reusable alternative to single-use plastics, featuring recyclable pouches and infinitely recyclable aluminum bottles, showcasing your commitment to sustainability.

Natural Blends For Oily Hair - Clarity

Revitalise your hair with Clarity shampoo, a unique blend of lemon essential oil, eucalyptus, and lupine seed extract that not only balances scalp sebum levels but also stimulates hair growth and strengthens locks. Ideal for fine, oily/greasy, and gents' hair, this volumizing shampoo sourced from farming cooperatives promises a refreshing sensation, leaving your hair liberated from any build-up. Pair it with Clarity conditioner to stimulate hair growth, protect, and strengthen your locks.

Repair Formula For Curly, Dry or Coloured Hair

Indulge your hair in a luxurious hug with Repair shampoo and conditioner, a powerhouse blend featuring bergamot to strengthen damaged or dry strands, geranium for scalp health and hair growth promotion, and orange peel oil for nourishment. Infused with fig extract and vitamin E, this formula promotes healthy skin cell regeneration, reduces frizz, and ensures ultimate smoothness, leaving your hair shinier and more beautiful. Ideal for damaged hair from color treatments and heat use, it also facilitates quicker drying, with a no-build-up formula that revitalizes your hair and scalp, providing a revived and restored feel.

Balanced Mixture for All Hair Types

For an enchanting sensory experience, try Balance shampoo and conditioner, where the harmonious blend of lavender and mandarin essential oils meets the natural moisture of argan oil and vitamin E. Perfect for all hair types, it not only stimulates natural hair growth but also caters to sensitive skin and skin conditions.

In conclusion, as we embrace eco-friendly choices in our daily routines, it's essential to address broader environmental concerns beyond personal care. Dot & Lola's commitment to sustainability is evident in their eco-friendly hair care collection, offering refillable options, addressing some of the biggest environmental problems. Beyond products, adopting eco-friendly bathroom practices can make a significant impact, such as reducing water consumption, and opting for sustainable packaging.

Let our choices extend beyond personal care to contribute collectively to a healthier planet.

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