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Welcome to Bell Hutley's enchanting world of nature-inspired designs, featured in our exclusive collection of eco-friendly stone paper notebooks and plant-based phone cases. With a deep connection to the natural world, Bell infuses her illustrations with childhood whimsy and dark romanticism, drawing inspiration from literature, folklore, and serene landscapes. Inspiring prints, from delicate mushrooms to captivating evil eyes to elevate your everyday essentials.
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Discover Bell Hutley's Nature-Inspired Designs

Welcome to the enchanting world of Bell Hutley's artistic creations, now showcased in our exclusive collection of notebooks and phone cases. With a profound appreciation for nature's beauty, Bell Hutley infuses her illustrations with the whimsy of childhood memories and the allure of dark romanticism.

Each design reflects her profound connection to the natural world, drawing inspiration from elements found in children's literature, folklore, and the serene landscapes of her upbringing. Our notebooks, perfect for eco-conscious writers, crafted from eco-friendly stone paper, and phone cases, made from sustainable plant-based materials, perfectly complement Hutley's aesthetic, marrying artistry with environmental responsibility.

Plant-based Phone Cases & Stone Paper Notebooks

Our plant-based phone cases are designed for durability and eco-friendliness. Made from leftover organic linseed and hemp materials sourced from Sweden, these cases offer maximum protection while being 100% organic, making them biodegradable and compostable. We oversee every stage of production, and you can trust in both the quality of our cases and their minimal environmental footprint.

Our stone paper notebooks deliver an unparalleled writing experience. They are tear-resistant and made from crushed limestone and marble leftovers without the use of acids, water, or bleach. On top of all, they are waterproof - sounds magical, but it's not. It's stone.

Green Aesthetics: Eco-Conscious Art

This collection features the distinctive prints of Bell Hutley. From delicate mushrooms to mysterious skulls, from intricate beetles to captivating evil eyes, each design transports you to a world where nature's wonders meet the whimsy of childhood imagination. Bell Hutley's enchanting nature-inspired prints are made to elevate your everyday essentials.

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