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23 Sep 2022

We humans consume a lot.

In 2018, the world lost an area of primary rainforest the size of Belgium, 31.7bn tons of CO2 were released into the atmosphere, and three species went extinct with many more close to extinction.

Negative consequences include scarcity of resources, global warming, the destruction of natural habitats and ways of life, the extinction of animals, and pollution that harms people and wildlife.

Not to mention the financial cost of it all.

The overall outcome of all this is still being worked out, but the consensus is that issues such as these will ultimately threaten a good life for future generations. It has recently been calculated that in order to maintain our current appetite for resources, we would need the equivalent of 1.7 Earths.

The end of humanity?

Clearly, a monumental change is needed, and everyone needs to cooperate on a scale never before witnessed. Otherwise, we face being on the wrong side of a historic decision that could spell the end of humanity.

This challenge is what drives our mission to educate people about the consequences of mindless consumption and inspire them to live more sustainable lives.

This is why we do what we do.

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