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Elevate your self-care with Dot & Lola's eco-friendly skin care products. The lightweight body lotion, enriched with Cypress, hydrates without residue and protects with natural ingredients. Paired with the cypress-scented body wash, this duo aligns with a climate-positive lifestyle. Also including the SLS-free natural hand care products like protective hand lotion and a planet-friendly hand wash enriched with green tea and Aloe Vera.
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Eco-Friendly Body Lotion and Body Wash

Elevate your self-care routine with Dot & Lola's rejuvenating body care products, designed with your well-being and the planet in mind, fighting against some of the biggest environmental problems. Lightweight body lotion, enriched with the mood-boosting essence of Cypress, provides maximum hydration without any heavy residue, leaving your body feeling revived and nourished throughout the day.

Infused with natural vitamin E and fig extract, it protects your skin from sun damage, ensuring a chemical-free experience without SLS, Parabens, animal extracts, or synthetic fragrances and colors. Bergamot and Grapefruit offer a natural deodorizing effect, promoting a refreshing, odor-free sensation and lifting your mood and spirit.

For an invigorating cleanse, body wash complements the lotion, featuring the stimulating scent of cypress. This eco-friendly duo nourishes your skin but also contributes to living a more climate-positive lifestyle. Embrace the essence of nature for a balanced and content start or finish to your day with more eco-friendly bathroom tips.

Natural Hand Care Collection for Nurtured Hands

Say goodbye to dryness and irritation with SLS-free formulas, designed to cleanse and nourish your hands gently. Our eco-friendly hand care line boasts responsibly sourced botanical extracts, ensuring a harmonious balance between beauty and environmental consciousness, reducing waste with refillable options, reusable alternative to single-use plastics, featuring recyclable pouches and infinitely recyclable aluminum bottles.

Hand lotion, a protective elixir, combines the naturally soothing properties of Orange Peel and Grapefruit with the gentle exfoliation of Lemon, leaving your hands moisturized, protected, and energized. Infused with green tea and vitamin E, skin-friendly formula, enriched with healing essential oils, offers organic moisture and hydration. Experience the easy application and absorption that leaves your hands radiant and fresh.

Complementing this, hand wash is a conscience-driven cleanse, featuring the same comforting blend of Orange Peel, Grapefruit, and Lemon. Enriched with green tea extracts, vitamin E, and Aloe Vera, it provides a natural disinfectant, ensuring your skin stays soothed, protected, and well-hydrated after each use.

With Dot & Lola, it's not just about personal care; it's a commitment to you, your family, and the planet – because your well-being is our eco-friendly priority. Let your self-care routine extend beyond beauty to contribute collectively to a healthier planet.

  • Plant-Based

    Natural and plant-based ingredients
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    Carefully crafted products