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The Sustainable Watch Company offers eco-conscious wooden wrist watches crafted from recycled furniture wood and repurposed railway tracks. Climate-positive brand, actively fighting climate change and using vegan, eco-friendly materials and maximizing the use of renewable resources.
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The Sustainable Watch Company: Time for Change

The Sustainable Watch Company is your gateway to a world of eco-conscious timepieces for both men and women. Crafted from sustainable materials like recycled natural wood furniture and repurposed railway tracks, each piece plays a part in reducing waste and championing a circular economy. What sets them apart is that every watch and strap is lovingly handmade, minimising energy consumption and natural resource use, significantly reducing carbon footprints compared to mass production.

The Sustainable Watch Company aspires to be a powerful force in the battle against climate change, with a mission deeply rooted in the desire to protect our planet. Despite their humble beginnings, their ambitions are grand, aiming to be a climate-positive business that removes more carbon from the environment than they produce.

The Sustainable Watch Company's Commitment to Sustainability

At The Sustainable Watch Company, their commitment is based on eco-friendly principles. Their watches and watch straps are handcrafted from recycled natural wood furniture and discarded railway tracks, thereby actively reducing waste and promoting a circular economy. Their dedication to handcrafting extends beyond aesthetics; it significantly lowers the carbon footprint when compared to mass production. Moreover, all their products are proudly vegan, free from any animal-derived materials, providing an ethical and compassionate alternative to leather straps. Going a step further, The Sustainable Watch Company maximises their use of sustainable materials by choosing recycled natural woods, ensuring that renewable resources are harnessed to the fullest extent.

Introducing The Sustainable Watch Company ◣ agood company: Timepieces for a Sustainable Future

The collaboration between The Sustainable Watch Company and agood company is a significant step toward promoting eco-conscious choices for our customers. By offering The Sustainable Watch Company's handmade, recycled wood watches and straps on our platform, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable world. These thoughtfully crafted timepieces not only offer a unique and stylish way to keep time but also reduce waste and minimise the carbon footprint.

Our motivation for this partnership is rooted in our shared dedication to environmental responsibility, and together, we are determined to make a positive impact on the environment and inspire others to make eco-conscious choices.

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