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Watoto Arts is a family-owned brand, a social enterprise, inspired by the lack of diverse and eco-friendly options in toy stores. The company creates inclusive and sustainable dolls, fostering empathy and self-esteem in children. All their toys meet stringent safety standards and are eco-friendly, with materials handcrafted for quality. Committed to promoting positive social change.
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Watoto Arts: A Vision for Change

Watoto Arts is a family-owned social enterprise on a mission to bring about positive social change by redefining representation in the world of toys. Inspired by the lack of diverse and eco-friendly options in toy stores, founders Fatma Guettou and Hamid Noroozian decided to create dolls that are relatable to children and produced sustainably, close to home.

Watoto is a Swahili word for “all children” representing inclusivity. A brand with a vision is to create a world where all children feel seen and valued, regardless of their appearance or geographical location. Inclusive dolls for kids can make a difference, creating a sense of belonging and helping children to develop empathy and self-esteem.

Sustainable, Handcrafted, and Safe Dolls

Watoto Arts operates as a work-integrating social enterprise, providing employment opportunities to individuals who were excluded from the job market. On a mission to pave the way for a more inclusive society.

All Watoto toys adhere to strict EU safety standards, meeting the EN71 standard, ensuring they are non-toxic and fireproof. Watoto is dedicated to maintaining a short and sustainable production chain, all of their dolls are eco-friendly and produced localy in Sweden. All of the materials used are handcrafted from durable fabrics and carefully selected.

Watoto Arts ◣ agood company: Celebrating Diversity and Sustainability

This collaboration between Watoto Arts and agood company is a celebration of diversity and sustainability, offering you exclusive access to a handpicked selection of dolls that redefine representation in the world of toys. At agood company, support Watoto Arts' vision for a more inclusive world where all children can feel represented and valued. Our shared motivation is to empower children to develop empathy, self-esteem, and a sense of belonging through their toys while promoting sustainability and conscious consumerism.

In our collection, you will find Watoto Arts' award-winning dolls, handcrafted with love and care in Sweden from durable, sustainable fabrics. These dolls are more than just playthings; they are tools for nurturing environmental awareness in our children and creating a positive social change.

Join Watoto Arts in their mission to create a more inclusive, sustainable, and empathetic world through their exceptional dolls. Let's be part of a brighter future together.

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