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How agood foundation works

23 Sep 2022

At agood company we always want to walk the extra mile

For us, it’s more than just creating sustainable products. We want to create a brand with a clear purpose that can have a positive impact on people and communities around the world.

agood foundation is our way of doing just that. It’s been with us since the start. Many foundations are a puzzle. Hard to understand. We wanted to make it easy.

100% of the funds donated to A Good Foundation will go straight to the initiatives we are supporting.

But it’s time for something new. A new era.

We always strive to be a better tomorrow version of ourselves. Therefore we decided to challenge our approach to agood foundation. Not because it wasn’t working, but because we wanted to make your donation more tangible and more effective.

Of course, we are still donating part of the net price of each sale to projects supporting sustainability around the world. But now, each product sale is directly linked to a specific project.

Here’s how agood  foundation works:

- If you buy agood phone case:

We will donate a share of the sale to Malala Fund, so that we can help protect girls through education. Our goal is to provide education for 10,000 girls.

- If you buy a stone paper notebook, a bottle or a pen:

We will work directly with charity: water to provide up to 500 litres of clean, safe water with every sale.

- If you take up a toilet paper subscription:

We’ll provide a period poverty kit in partnership with DaysforGirls.

- If you buy our cutlery:

We’ll plant a tree via Weforest.

- If you buy a dental product:

We’ll donate a toothbrush to Globalfirstresponders to support their humanitarian efforts in 3rd world countries.

- If you buy one of our new clothing items:

We’ll donate an emergency food kit to a child in need, thanks to our partner, Save the Children.

How can you be sure, though?

We can make sure of this by excluding all intermediaries and working directly with charities on the ground in each respective community.

All the money we collect through product sales, is placed in a separate bank account and transferred from there to our charity partners. Each quarter we report on the funds raised and the specific projects they are supporting - so that you know exactly how your purchases make a difference.

Our work is focused on, but not limited to, these key areas:

  • Resource preservation
  • Recycling and individual circularity
  • Industry circularity
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Consumer culture and its environmental impact
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