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Plant-based phone cases designed in collaboration with Batabasta, the two Spanish female designers, Clara & Leticia. This collection is called ‘One Love, One World’, you can explore their unique and beautiful designs on our plant-based mobile case.
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agood company ◣ Batabasta - One love, one world.

Batabasta’s journey started in Shanghai in 2002, with the two Spanish female designers, Clara & Leticia. They created Batatbasta as a platform to expand their creativity, which we are thankful for as their designs are both unique and playful. This collection is called ‘one love, one world’ which we believe is a beautiful message and could not be more true. Explore their distinctive designs on your mobile case and use it as inspiration to explore your creative side.

"We are always looking for cool brands online, and we got to your instagram account and did a little research. We love the philosophy behind it, we wish to collaborate with businesses like yours, using sustainable materials and giving back to the community."

- Clara & Leticia, Batabasta

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