What is agood foundation?

What is agood foundation?

23 Sep 2022

agood company was founded with the goal to create an ethical, sustainable company and to inspire a movement against mindless consumerism. All of our products are manufactured and sold in the most sustainable way possible.

Now, we want to extend that and make an even greater positive impact on people and communities.

agood foundation is our way of supporting sustainability efforts in communities around the globe.

Our work is carried out through our staff on the ground in partnership with local organisations. We work together to establish initiatives that provide knowledge and training on topics such as climate change, recycling, sustainable entrepreneurship, circular economy and consumer culture.

agood foundation was born from a wider conversation about how we as a company can make an impact outside of our normal scope while sharing our values and expertise.

Our mission is to inspire people to transform from mindless consumerism towards making more conscious decisions. As one of the few climate positive eCommerce companies in the global industry, we wanted to expand our scope from ethical online retailing to help support long-term educational projects.

When you purchase one of our products, you are making a statement that you value the world we all live in and that you are conscious of your impact on it.

agood foundation was launched to spread the message further still, to all corners of society, in all parts of the world.

How will we do it?

It’s often the case that in charitable foundations, a great deal of the money collected goes to administrative costs and working with intermediaries in the different local communities.

We’re doing the opposite of that.

100% of the funds donated will go to the initiatives we are supporting. We can make sure of this by excluding all intermediaries and working directly with the people on the ground in each respective community.

The strategy for agood foundation is based on our belief that education and training are key to accomplishing long term change, and that we can work best by leveraging our core areas of expertise.

Our work is focused on, but not limited to, these key areas:

  • Resource preservation
  • Recycling and individual circularity
  • Industry circularity
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Social projects supporting those most impacted by climate change

Who is this for?

We operate in all regions where we are present with supporting causes and training programs that are relevant to that particular area. We work with schools, businesses, governments, NGO’s (carefully vetted to make sure they adhere to our standards regarding overheads), advocacy groups, and organisations working tirelessly towards making the world a greener place.

How will we ensure transparency?

Like with our sustainable business model, we believe the only way to operate A Good Foundation is with complete transparency. The money donated from every purchase will be tagged for a particular program which in turn will be easy for you to follow and feel invested in.

You can personally follow the progress of the campaign and receive updates, seeing exactly where the money goes and the impact it’s having.

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