How stone Paper Notebooks Benefit Corporate Environment

How stone paper notebooks benefit your corporate environment

30 Oct 2023

A healthy corporate environment is one of the best things for business in any company. Healthy can mean a lot of things, starting from healthy relations with clients and customers, new opportunities for employees, and also choosing healthier products in your working space. 

This article will discuss how stone paper notebooks can benefit your corporate environment and why choose stone paper at all. Making healthier decisions is becoming everyone`s priority given the climate change process and air, water, and land pollution.

What are stone paper notebooks?

Stone paper notebooks are a revolutionary, eco-friendly product made of stone paper. Stone paper consists of limestone, which is actually a by-product in quarries and mines, making it widely available and easy to obtain. Instead of cutting trees, limestone is perfect for a paper-like notebook.

The other part of the stone paper notebooks is high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Namely, 20% of such a notebook is this plastic that binds it all together. However, the main difference between this plastic and other plastic products is that it is all from recycled plastic. This makes it a much healthier solution for the environment.

Stone paper notebooks consist of 144 pages, and we can proudly say that not a single tree was cut in the process, and not a single drop of water wasted. They come in variations of hardcover stone paper notebooks a5, and softcover stone paper notebooks a5. But, you can also choose some of the beautiful A6 stone paper pocket notebooks.

agood company stone paper notebook collections

Why choose stone paper?

There are plenty of reasons to choose stone paper over traditional paper. One of the most important reasons is the fact that stone paper does not require wood pulp, so no trees are needed. Then, the colour of limestone is naturally white, so there is no need to bleach the material. Plenty of toxic substances are avoided just there, and the final result is amazing.

The stone paper is great for writing, as ink looks even better on it. The surface is smooth and smudge-free. You can forget about ink stains, as it simply won`t happen. Durability is yet another reasons why stone paper is perfect for your corporate environment. As a company promoting high-quality materials is the best thing you can do. This paper is tear-free, meaning that it will last for years and years before it photodegrades without polluting the planet.

Stone Paper in Powder
Open Stone Paper Notebook

Stone paper is so great that it is widely used instead of traditional paper. Stone paper applications are numerous, so you can notice stone paper maps, journals, posters, wrapping paper, envelopes, and even shopping bags. Hopefully more and more products will be made out of this recyclable, photodegradable, and easily obtainable material.

It is an inspiration to your employees

Using stone paper notebooks in your company can do wonders for creating numerous eco-friendly habits with your employees. As a company that values high-quality and low-tox products, your employees will feel inspired and motivated to continue to use such products. And there is nothing better than working in an inspired, and motivated corporate environment. When you promote the right values, the employees recognise this and become more satisfied and eager to work in such an environment.

Stone paper notebooks are a fantastic idea for a corporate gift

If you were looking for a perfect corporate gift for your employees, there is no need to search further. Corporate gifting is an art and we make it easier for you to make the right decision. Today, we witness the b corp as a new standard for corporate gifting.

Whether you want to gift your employees with a stone paper notebook or a stone paper journal, we are certain they will absolutely love it. Bear in mind that you can even buy some of the stone paper notebook sets. They consist of a notebook and a stone paper pen, which only proves that we can indeed use only eco-friendly products in our offices.

3 Pack Stone Paper Notebook Set A5 Hardcover Grey Scale
6 Pack Stone Paper Notebook Set A5 Hardcover Charcoal black
7 Pack Stone Paper Notebook Set A5 Hardcover Multicolour

Gifts full of plastic and other toxic materials that pollute our air, water, and land, no matter how tasty or efficient they are, are simply the thing of the past. Looking for eco-friendly office supplies and eco-friendly stationery is the beginning of a new era of healthier products that we use on an every day basis.

It helps develop a positive reputation

Choosing a product such as a stone paper notebook is much more than just buying something to write in. It is raising awareness about global change, and actually doing something about it. This is not a small thing by any means, and it will help develop a positive reputation with your company.

Becoming known as an eco-friendly company will undoubtedly attract clients and customers with the same vision. And this can benefit your corporate environment in many ways. Business partners, and customers sharing a vision can achieve a lot together. The atmosphere in a team will be much better, and meaningful projects will pile up. There is nothing better than working together on making the world a better place to live in.

A6 Black Stone Paper Pocket Notebook
Black Softcover Stone Paper Notebook A5

It encourages great social impact

For each order with a stone paper notebook, agood company donates 500 liters of clean and fresh water through charity:water to those in need. So, purchasing eco-friendly products is in fact larger than mere corporate gifting. It is saving the planet and helping those in need at its finest. Being a part of eco-friendly processes and donations makes your company stand out and become an advocate of a better future for all of us. Social impact of agood company is tremendous, and it affects many people on so many levels.

Final word

Stone paper is here to stay. There is no doubt that the production of it will only become cheaper and faster, and health benefits even more effective. Using high-quality, durable, smudge-free, and tear-resistant products in your offices is a huge benefit for all of your employees. Become an advocate of a better future today, and implement these eco-friendly products in your worklife.

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