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Corporate Gifting - 14 Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Employees

18 Oct 2023

Holiday season is approaching fast, and unique corporate gifts are just around the corner. Choosing the right corporate gift for your employees can do wonders for the energy in your team. The greatest gifts are simple, practical, and personalized. They will make your staff feel valued, appreciated, and most importantly, motivated. Of course, holidays are not the only time of the year when you can give them gifts. The perfect timing is on work anniversaries, birthdays, company milestones, personal events such as weddings, or having a baby.

Show your appreciation with thoughtful corporate gifts

This article will present you with the best corporate gift ideas for your employees, and introduce you to eco-friendly ideas as well. Going green is the only way to go, if we want a bright future for all of us.


You will make no mistake if you decide to make luggage one of your corporate gifts. Suitcases or travel bags are a perfect way to express gratitude towards your employees for their hard work. For example, you could gift them for five or ten year work anniversary at your company. Your employees will love it, as luggage is designed to last and accompany them on beautiful trips and holidays.

Custom AirPods Pro

Did you know that Apple offers free engraving of their AirPods pro completely for free? You can engrave your employees' names along with certain emojis to make it more personal. Listening to music will become even more enjoyable for your employees as these AirPods have up to six hours of battery life. This combined with the noise cancellation feature makes them a high-quality product worthy of gifting to your employees.

Custom AirPods Pro

Custom coffee mug

While this is one of the most common corporate gifts, it has earned its place among the best ones. Every employee loves to have a coffee mug for their favourite beverage. You can customize it with a photo from a team building, or write a quotation and a nickname that suits your employee best. You don't have to wait for an occasion to gift them with a customized coffee mug. Achieve a wonderful surprising effect on a casual Wednesday.

Stone paper notebooks

Made completely from locally sourced limestone, the stone paper notebooks are unique gifts that send a powerful message. It is possible to create a paper-like notebook without cutting a single tree, or using water. When there are no blank pages left, the notebook will become a waste that our company will turn into energy. Choose between a5 stone paper hardcover notebooks and a5 stone paper softcover notebooks.

Stone Paper Notebook Red
Stone Paper Pocket Notebook Agood Company

These notebooks are a great part of eco-friendly stationery, as employees can use them for making business notes, and plans. On the other hand, there are stone paper journals, which are also an excellent corporate gift.

Stone paper journals

"I am the first climate positive journal in the world" is written on the cover of our stone paper journals.

Kind to nature and our environment, there is no better place for writing down thoughts and events of the day behind us than in the stone paper journal. If your employees love to keep a journal, or are planning to implement this healthy habit, gift them with one. Encouraging self-care through an eco-friendly product is the next level in corporate gifting.

These journals and notebooks are also a part of sustainable starter pack gifts for employees. Welcoming new employees into your company can be rather stressful. They might worry about whether they will fit the company's culture, colleagues, and how they will manage the workload. Giving them welcoming gifts is a spot-on decision that will break the ice, and make for a memorable start.

Stone Paper Journal Blue agood company
Stone Paper Journal Brown

Pens and pencils

Natural grass pens and natural grass pencils are an incredibly practical corporate gift. Especially when paired with a notebook. For example, you can get a natural grass pen completely for free as part of a stone paper notebook packs. They come in two colours dark brown, and wheat beige, made from natural meadow grass.

The best part about these pens is that they are easily refillable. So, you will gift your employees something that they can use on an everyday basis for years to come. They are also a part of the sustainable corporate gifts for home working, which has become a favourite model of work for many employees around the globe.

Wheat Beige Natural Grass Pencils from agood company
Natural Grass Pen Beige Eco Friendly Stationery

Reusable water bottle

If there is one material better than stainless still, it is recycled stainless steel. Without a doubt, items that are durable and practical such as the reusable water bottles make for the best corporate gift. Your employees will love all the colours in which these bottles come in. Some of them are Pomegranate Red, Vista Blue, Charcoal Black, Ultramarine Green, Earth Brown and others. They can use them during working hours, but also when hiking, walking, cycling, or when they are at home.

And the best part is the social impact of agood company that accompanies these products. Namely, the company donates 500 liters of fresh water through charity. It is hard to imagine not having access to safe and clean water, and contributing to the resolution of this problem is generous. Together we can do it all. At the same time, reusable water bottles help reduce plastic waste, and protect our environment.

Reusable Water Bottle A Colorful World
Freedom Reusable Water Bottle

A tote bag

In the spirit of eco-friendly corporate gifts that will amaze your employees, a tote bag is high on the list of possible gifts. Numerous plastic bags are going to history as they can be replaced with a simple tote bag. Just make sure it is of high-quality and print your company's logo as well as your employees name on it, and you have a great corporate gift that can be used several times a day.

Multi-charging cable

Finally your employees can charge all of their devices with a single charging cable. Whether they want to charge  an iPhone, Android, or a tablet, they will now be able to. With a fast-paced life we are all leading, becoming more organized and saving time and money is the key. With this multi-charging cable made from recycled materials, you will delight your employees. Tech devices and gadgets are always a favourite corporate gift.

Multi-Charging Cable Made from Recycled Materials

Flowers and succulents

Apart from tech devices and eco-friendly stationery products, one of the best corporate gifts are flowers. Valentine's day, Mother's day, or if someone gives birth, they would love to receive flowers at their doorstep. Nowadays, it is easy to organize this thoughtful, and elegant corporate gift. The price does not matter here, it is the thought that counts.

Succulents, on the other hand, come in a pot, and are some of the most beautiful plants that require minimum attention. Apart from watering every couple of days, they do not require much, and are therefore a perfect gift for your employees. They can place it on their work station, or take them home to make their house greener.


It may sound strange, but socks are one of the best corporate gifts you can gift your employees. Everyone wears socks, so the gift is highly practical and unique. What can make it even more unique is the fact that socks can be made from bamboo. Bamboo is antibacterial material, durable, and comfortable to wear. Ankle socks or crew socks come in different colours, and we are certain your employees will love them. Bamboo socks are also a part of the agood loop system, so check it out. Luckily, we can see B corp as a new standard for corporate gifting. We can save the planet, not poison it with plastic and toxic waste.

White Ankle Bamboo Socks agood company
Black Crew Bamboo Socks agood company

Gift cards and vouchers

What a beautiful way to give your employees the exact gift that they need. Give them a gift card so they get to choose their favourite book. Or book a massage, or spa time in some spa centre to thank them for all the hard work. While you are not choosing the gift directly for them, it makes your employees feel valued and appreciated. The art of corporate gifting is an amazing tool to motivate and thank the people who work with you on your goals.

Customized T-shirts

T-shirts with a logo of the company or a personalized note will never go out of style. They are great to wear at work, but also at home, at the gym, when jogging, cycling, or cleaning. There is never enough of comfortable T-shirts made of breathable material. What can make this corporate gift even better, is the fact that our T-shirts can be returned after usage and recycled. This is the core element of our circular fashion line. Choose as many T-shirts or other pieces of clothing for your employees, and get a custom quote for your business.

Grey T-Shirt Recycled Cotton agood company
agood company circular fashion GIF
Recycled Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt agood company

Snack boxes

Another fantastic way to express your gratitude and motivate your employees is gifting them with reusable stainless steel snack boxes. These are ideal for carrying healthy snacks to work such as almonds and various fruits. They also make for an amazing gift for your employees' kids, for example, as they can serve as lunch boxes for them.

Gift boxes that contain chocolate and sweets

There is nothing better than receiving a box full of delicious sweets at work. Your employees can indulge in fantastic aromas of cakes, chocolates, chocolate bars, or bombons. You can even order Le Grand Macaron Box where there are twenty of macarons waiting to be tasted. Life is sweeter with sweets, and your employees will simply love this thoughtful corporate gift.

Browse our corporate gift packs

Final word

Amazing, unique, and personalized gifts don`t have to be expensive. Set a budget, but remember that you need to choose gifts with your employees in mind. If you know they love reading, give them a gift card for a bookstore. On the other hand, stationery is always a fantastic option as it makes life so much easier and organized. There are plenty of ideas to choose from, but you will make no mistake with any of them.

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