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Introducing the 2-in-1 Hybrid Bottle, the innovative product that seamlessly transitions between a bottle and a tumbler with interchangeable lids. Crafted from recycled stainless steel, lightweight, and leak-proof, features a vacuum-insulated double wall that keeps your drinks warm for 20 hours and cold for 48 hours.
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Hybrid bottle - What is it and how does it work?

The hybrid bottle is crafted for ease and versatility, merging the functionalities of a thermal bottle and a coffee tumbler. Its modular design, similar to LEGO, allows for customization based on your preferences. The hybrid bottle is made from three primary parts: a top part, a middle extension, and a base part. The base part functions as a cup or coffee tumbler, while the middle extension expands the base into a larger thermal bottle. By changing the lids, you can seamlessly switch between a tumbler and a bottle. Introducing agood 2-in-1 hybrid bottle - bottle or tumbler, your choice!

agood hybrid bottle - flexible purchasing options

At our store, we provide various configurations of the hybrid bottle to suit your specific requirements. You can purchase the complete set, which includes both the thermal bottle and the tumbler, offering you full versatility. If you only need a thermal bottle, you can select the bottle-only package, excluding the tumbler lid. Alternatively, if you prefer just the tumbler, you can buy the base cup part with the special tumbler lid.

Here are the thermal bottle and tumbler purchasing options available:

  • Complete set: Includes the base part (cup), special tumbler lid, middle extension part, and thermal bottle lid, offering both a 380 ml tumbler and a 500 ml thermal bottle - full Hybrid Bottle.
  • Thermal bottle: 500 ml capacity. Contains the base part, middle extension part, and thermal bottle lid, excluding the tumbler lid, best used as a reusable thermal bottle.
  • Tumbler: Contains the base cup part and the special tumbler lid, ideal for a 380 ml coffee tumbler.

If you decide to change your setup in the future, our store offers flexibility. If you initially purchased the thermal bottle, you can later buy the tumbler lid separately to complete the set. Similarly, if you started with just the tumbler, you can purchase the middle and top parts, thermal bottle lids, later to convert it into a full Hybrid Bottle set. This way, you can always adapt your Hybrid Bottle to your evolving needs.

Social impact of Hybrid Bottle

Access to clean water is crucial, which is why we've partnered with charity: water. For every bottle sold, we donate 500 liters of safe, fresh water to communities in need. Our goal is to provide 25 million liters of clean water annually, transforming lives and fostering healthier communities. Join us in making a difference - shop with purpose and help donate water.