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8 Must-Have Mobile Phone Accessories for 2024

02 May 2024

Are you ready to delve into the wide range of must-have mobile phone accessories for this year? Our mobile phones are always within hand reach, and the greatest phone accessories make using phones even more useful, and efficient. From wireless charging to eco-friendly earbuds, one thing remains unchanged. The accessories should be eco-friendly and made from sustainable, recycled materials so as not to pollute the environment.

We have chosen 8 fantastic phone accessories that you will love and that are kind to nature.

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Plant-based phone case

agood eco-friendly mobile phone cases are one of the must-have mobile phone accessories this year. Made from natural ingredients such as hemp, flax, PLA (sugarcane), and cellulose combined with biodegradable PBAT, they are in harmony with nature, unlike plastic phone cases which pollute the environment.

With a 2-meter drop protection and fantastic designs, these phone cases will protect your phone and allow you to express your personality on any occasion. Once you no longer need the phone case, return it to us via agood loop™ system. You will get a discount on your next purchase, and we will upcycle the product, ensuring the product is fully circular.

Color Splash Phone Case
Dusty Pink Phone Case iPhone 14 Plus
Teal Blush Case agood company iPhone 15

Tempered glass screen protector

This double-tempered glass phone screen protector with a 9H hardness rating is all you need to protect your screen this year. Not only does it protect your screen from up to 2-meter falls, but it also protects the environment. The screen protector consists of 46% recycled glass and is made from REPRTCT™ material.

You can easily recycle it with glass once you switch to a new phone. In the meantime, you will enjoy using it as it is super responsive and easy to apply. You can forget about bubbles that occur when you apply a plastic or silicone screen protector.

Double Tempered Screen Protector agood company
A Screen Protector and a Case

MagSafe ring

A MagSafe ring is another must-have accessory for your mobile phone this year. With N52 high-strength magnets that align perfectly with the magnets in the phone itself, you won`t ever need a new MagSafe ring. The ring has a lifetime warranty, and it is made to be compatible with all iPhone 15 cases.

Reduce the cable clutter in your home or work by charging your phone with a MagSafe ring. This durable accessory is super slim and most importantly removable, so you can detach it whenever you want.

White MagSafe Compatible With Clear Phone Case
Clear Phone Case and Screen Protector Bundle
Black MagSafe Ring for Wireless Charging iPhone 15

We care about the environment even when it comes to packing our eco-friendly products. The Mag Safe ring comes wrapped in biodegradable stone paper and in a bamboo paper box, which you can easily recycle.

Multi-charging cable

When was the last time you bought something that had a lifetime warranty? Our multi-charging cable is so effective and durable that can last you for a lifetime, which is why we give a lifetime warranty.

You can charge all of your devices with it as it is a 3 in 1 charging cable. It is a Lightning/Type C/Micro USB, cable, perfect for charging your phone, tablet, and other accessories.

Multi-Charging Cable Made from Recycled Nylon
Multi-Charging Cable from agood company

This multi-charging cable is made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled nylon and recycled BPA-free plastic, so you never have to worry about polluting the environment while using it.

Eco-friendly phone wallet

Are you tired of carrying your wallet around with you and constantly worrying you might lose it? The phone wallet is a perfect solution that makes everyday life much easier. With this eco-friendly phone accessory, you won`t need your wallet anymore.

Simply store 2-6 cards on the back of your phone and enjoy your vacation, travel, and everyday activities. Credit cards, ID cards, and membership cards can fit inside this lightweight, and water-resistant phone wallet.

Phone Wallet on a Pomegranate Red Case

The most important thing is that it is made from 100% recycled nylon and PET, making it an eco-friendly and climate-positive product. When we choose eco-friendly products, we actually choose a healthier environment to live in.

Bluetooth speaker

Turn any picnic, or party with your friends into a music venue where you can listen to high-quality sounds from this Bluetooth speaker. All you need is to connect it to your phone and enjoy.

With more than 30 hours of battery life, you can spend days listening to music without worrying about recharging them.

This Bluetooth speaker is handmade from recycled plastic bags and e-bike batteries. Its one-of-a-kind design will amaze you, proving once again that high quality and beauty can be super-kind to nature.

To charge it, you can use any USB C port, which means you can use the multi-charging cable we offer and avoid carrying different cables for different devices.

Eco-Friendly Bluetooth Speaker
gomi eco-friendly Bluetooth Speaker

Eco-friendly earbuds

Whenever you have a chance to buy an eco-friendly product, do it. By opting for products that are made with sustainable materials, such as these earbuds, we are one step closer to saving our planet from over-pollution.

With sweat and water-resistant features, you don`t have to worry about damaging them in the rain or during jogging. And an active noise cancellation feature, you will be able to focus on music, podcasts, or a colleague in the meeting without any exterior sounds.

Smartphone camera lens kits

Taking photos or making videos has been taken to a whole new level with the introduction of smartphone camera lenses. You can simply apply the lenses over your camera and enjoy pro-like photographing experience. There is no need for you to buy a new phone just because of a better camera, as now you can create perfect photos and videos with your current phone with a universal camera lens kit, for example.

Final word

Great mobile phone accessories make our lives easier, and investing in useful gadgets is always a good idea. But we should also always bear in mind what effect products have on our environment.

We should avoid plastic and single-use products whenever possible, and luckily it is almost always possible. Choose eco-friendly mobile phone accessories this year and every year, and you will do wonders for our planet. Join us in the good fight.

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