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Write down your thoughts and make notes in our A6 stone paper pocket notebook, designed for eco-conscious individuals. Crafted from sustainable stone paper, it's water-resistant and tear-free. Choose from a variety of colors to suit your preferences.
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Write on a premium A6 stone paper notebook

We have a wide variety of stone paper notebooks and notepads available in the colours that suit your personality. You will surely find something perfect for every occasion. Not only do we offer hardcover stonepaper notebooks made from sustainable stone paper but also softcover ones so there's always something new on hand at home or work.

Alongside our A5 notebooks, we also offer premium A6 stone paper notebooks that are perfect for on-the-go note-taking. They're small enough to fit in your pocket, making them perfect for jotting down notes wherever you are. They're tough and eco-friendly, so you can feel good about using them.

Reasons to own a stone paper pocket notebook

Because it's made from sustainable stone paper. It's also water resistant, tear free writing experience that will leave you wanting more. In today's world, it’s easy to get caught up in trends, but sometimes it's good just to go with something simple and eco-friendly. Our pocket notebooks offer the perfect balance of convenience and sustainability, fitting right into your lifestyle while helping the planet. With their compact size and durable construction, they're your go-to companion for capturing thoughts and ideas wherever you are.

Choose eco-conscious stationery without compromising quality or style.

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