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A naturally beautiful alternative to traditional plastic brushes.

The round, smooth handle rotates effortlessly in your hand whilst your brush. There are countelss reasons to switch to bamboo toothbrushes. Bristles are premium quality Dupont Tynex that are hard-wearing but soft on gums. Choose a colour to reflect your personality and add a unique touch with initials or a logo. Protect your mouth and the planet with agood toothbrush.

Our toothbrush made from bamboo, the world’s fastest growing plant, will keep your mouth healthy – and the world cleaner!

It’s a naturally beautiful, eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic brushes that will look great in any bathroom. Organically grown without pesticides or chemicals, it absorbs lots of carbon, pumps out loads of oxygen, and can be harvested again and again. A natural toothbrush for a broad smile! Needless to say, it’s a pleasure to use. The round, smooth handle rotates effortlessly in your hand whilst your brush.

Our commitment to sustainability is paramount, which is why we found perfect toothbrush factory, and have implemented an automated process to manufacture our bamboo toothbrushes. Our meticulous bamboo toothbrush manufacturing process involves careful bamboo selection, steaming to eliminate parasites, cutting and molding with advanced machinery, precise sanding for a smooth finish, attaching high-quality bristles, and eco-friendly packaging.

Protect your mouth and the planet.

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