Sustainable Black Friday

Sustainable Black Friday 2023 - Our Green November

08 Nov 2023

With Black Friday around the corner, everybody is getting ready to make purchases. Some of them are necessary, and buying items on discount is not a bad thing. However, mindless shopping of unnecessary things is not aligned with our vision, and we have created a green November that we can be proud of. 

This article will depict the mission of agood foundation, how agood foundation works, introduce you to our sustainable products that don`t harm nature, and explain how our Green November works.

Sustainability at its best - a Green November

For years now, November has been associated with Black Friday which typically occurs on the last Friday of November, and can last for a few days. Remarkable discounts and tempting offers lead to mindless shopping and euphoria. Piling up items we don`t need just because they are affordable at a low price does not bring us joy. True joy comes from helping others along the way.

This is why we have created a sustainable alternative to Black Friday. It is called a Green November, and it lasts for the entire month. What does it mean exactly? For every product bought throughout November, we will double our foundations in water, planting trees, emergency food kits, and others.

What is agood foundation?

If you haven’t heard of it so far, you may be wondering what is agood foundation? We believe that every person in this world deserves access to clean, fresh water, education, dental care and healthcare, and decent life conditions.

There are millions out there with no access to safe water, who have no ability to go to school and attend classes, or even brush their teeth. While this is impossible for us to grasp, such a reality exists all around the globe. So we can turn our heads away from the problems, or we can help and make the present better. We chose the second option, and by supporting us, you chose it too. Check out our work so far, get familiar with our mindset and values, and deeply understand why is this important.

Let us now see which products you can buy to double our foundation in November.

7% of phone cases’ sales go to education, Malala Fund

Plant-based phone cases are completely safe for the environment and protect your phone perfectly. Plus our phone cases have a mission helping protect women’s education. We make them with locally sourced flax and hemp, so you can rest assured there is absolutely no plastic inside them. They offer a 2m drop protection, alongside amazing designs and colours. Whether you prefer an iPhone or an Android, we’ve got you covered.

Vanilla White iPhone Case Compostable

Beautiful colours and designs are a must for some people, but others prefer a circular clear phone case. We are proud that our circular clear phone cases are made from recycled material, from old candy boxes to be precise. You won’t have to worry about yellowing, the greatest problem of clear phone cases, as it has an anti-yellowing feature.

With every stone paper notebook, bottle, and pen we will double the water foundation

If you buy a hardcover notebook, bottle, or pen from us during November, we will double our donations in water. Instead of 500l, we will donate 1000l of fresh, and completely safe water around the world. So far, we have made donations in 29 countries, and we do not plan to stop there.

Stone paper notebooks come in fantastic colours such as Pomegranate red, Vista Blue, or Grass Green, and many other colours and designs. Get your stone paper notebook set, and save money at the same time. But, while the hardcover notebooks look amazing, they have an important message to convey as well.

They are not made of paper, but of stone paper which is limestone, an abundant by-product found in quarries and mines. This means no trees or a lot of water is required to made them, making them a sustainable equivalent to paper.

agood company stone paper notebook collections

Our reusable thermal bottle is made from recycled steel, a durable material that will last you for decades to come. Forget about buying plastic water bottles and polluting the environment. These bottles are your perfect companion at home, work, during hiking, cycling, or simply walking. They keep the content cold for 48 hours, and hot for 20 hours.

Finally, by purchasing our grass pen you will help double the water foundation for those in need. Comfortable to use, refillable, and long-lasting, our grass pen is a climate-positive product that does not contain plastic or heavy toxins.

Toilet paper subscription helps end period poverty

Unfortunately, over 500 million women around the globe don’t have the ability to manage their periods. More often than not they are stigmatised each month. We are committed to ending period poverty by donating one period kit per bamboo kitchen roll or toilet paper subscription. But, in November we will donate two period packs per subscription and witness the bamboo toilet paper fighting period poverty.

Bamboo Toilet Paper agood company
Kitchen Roll agood company

The toilet paper made from bamboo is compostable, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic. This makes it the best choice for your toilet month after month, wipe after wipe.

Dental products will double the toothbrush donation

With each dental product sold, whether it is bamboo toothbrushes or bamboo toothbrushes heads, we will donate not one, but two toothbrushes to 3rd world countries.

Our electric toothbrushes, 4 pack are available in four colours, compostable, and antibacterial. They are an ideal choice for your entire family. Toothbrushes, on the other hand, are great for kids, in Green and Pink colours, as well as for adults in multiple colours. They have a comfortable grip, are completely recyclable, and are made from sustainably grown bamboo. We must respect nature by creating sustainable products and recycling them afterwards. And together with you the dental products are helping provide medical relief worldwide.

Our clothing items provide for emergency food kit donation

Check out our organic cotton t-shirts collection for men and women. Made from 80% organic cotton, and 20% recycled cotton they will feel perfectly on your skin. They are excellent for everyday wear at home, or at work, during workout, or just when relaxing by the TV. Order three or five T-shirts from our organic and recycled cotton T-shirt packs collection and enjoy them even more. If you prefer long sleeves, the recycled cotton long sleeve pieces for men and women will enrich your clothing experience.

Underwear and bamboo socks is yet another fantastic clothing collection that is in harmony with nature. The bamboo socks are super soft. Your feet will love it as the skin can breathe against the sustainably grown bamboo even after hours of wearing them. You can also order 5 pairs at once, and use them for a long time, as bamboo is durable.

Grey T-Shirt Recycled Cotton agood company
agood company circular fashion GIF
Recycled Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt agood company

Underwear is made from Tencel lyocell and you can rest assured that it won’t change colour over time. Choose any size that you need from XS to XL, boxers, thongs, or bikini bottoms, and start enjoying all the benefits of sustainable underwear. With no plastic, toxins, or other heavy materials, your skin can breathe, and they fit perfectly against your body.

The fashion line helping to save the children is not just a myth, it is a reality that we created. If you buy one piece of clothing from us in November, we will donate 2 emergency food kits to those who need it most.

Apart from donation, we pride that our fashion line is entirely circular. When you purchase a T-shirt you can send it back to our agood loop, so we can create a new piece of clothing that someone can buy. We believe in purchases that matter, and reusing and repurposing products whenever we can.

Bamboo straws and cutlery are helping forestation

Did you know that every time you purchase our bamboo and wheat straws or bamboo cutlery we plant a tree? And during November we will plant two trees per your order, as we want our planet to be green again.

Bamboo Straws as an Alternative to Plastic Straws
Reusable Alternative to Plastic Straws - Wheat Straws

Our bamboo cutlery sets are a perfect addition to your picnic, or any outside meal. Or if you have plenty of friends at home, offer them bamboo cutlery, they will love it. Durable, efficient, and compostable, nature loves all products made of bamboo. The bamboo products helping grow trees is our mission, and we will therefore plant two trees per your order this month.

Final word

Together we can achieve everything and anything. Making the world a better place is our goal and we will do everything to reach it. Purchase sustainable, durable, and healthier products, and help those in need in November, and always. Join us on our mission to donate water, money, trees, emergency kits, period kits, and many more.

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