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Sometimes, more is less. Bulk buying can have a positive impact on envoronment, when purchasing must-have items, like underwear. Browse our collection of underwear packs for man and women, made from Tencel™ lyocell, a fibre sourced from certified renewable wood sources. Help us make a difference as we donate a food kit to a child in need with every purchase.
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Benefits of Buying Underwear in Bulk:

Embrace the eco-friendly perks of buying in bulk to enjoy fresher products and less waste through faster stock turnover. Multipacks not only reduce packaging waste but also contribute to a greener environment. When you opt for larger quantities, you unlock financial benefits such as discounts and complimentary items. Be mindful to avoid unnecessary accumulation and landfill waste by choosing items you're sure to use, like our comfortable and sustainable underwear.

Don't underestimate the source.

Our underwear is made from 95% Tencel™ Lyocell (the other 5% is Elastane which, unfortunately, is needed for the stretch), embraces sustainability. Derived from wood chippings from responsibly managed forests, our fibers have earned the European Award for the Environment. Revel in the cloud-like softness, moisture-wicking magic, and enduring style of our underwear.

The social impact.

Our mission goes beyond comfort and style. For every item you purchase, we pledge to donate a food kit to a child in need. In collaboration with Save The Children, we strive to create a world where every child has the best chance in life. Join us in the fight for a better future for the world's 2.3 billion children – because our children are the reason we work tirelessly every day. Take a look at other products supporting children's initiatives.

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