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The Environmental Impact of Bulk Buying - More for Less

10 Jan 2024

Sometimes more is less, and bulk buying is the best example of how buying more can benefit the environment. Unconscious purchases have led to millions of tons of waste that keeps on growing by the minute. Just a few percent of that waste can actually be recycled. The environment suffers from the impact of sales, Black Fridays, and Cyber Mondays, holiday gifting, when people buy the items they don't actually use or need.

This article will focus on the environmental impact of bulk buying, and will present you with the best choices for bulk purchases. Find the inspiration for bulk purchases, as shopping itself is not an issue. Only mindless shopping is an environmental issue.

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Bulk buying leads to fewer trips to the store

With numerous supermarkets and all sorts of shops, we seem to be shopping much more than we actually need. And while treating yourself every now and then is not a sin, creating hazardous waste and increasing pollution levels is something we all need to think about and act against.

Going to the store several times a week is time-consuming, it often requires a car and we end up buying more than we need. So, next time you go to the store, buy cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and food in bulk. You will see that you have reduced the number of times you have to go to the store. Your car will produce less gas emissions, you won't spend that much fuel, and the environment will be less polluted.

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Less packaging is needed

Packing items in bulk requires less packaging than individual purchases. If you buy one T-shirt now, and another one in a week, you will have a lot more packaging waste than necessary. The same applies for toilet paper rolls, for example. The more you buy, the less packaging is needed. This, of course, is only for the items you are certain that you will use. Piling up unnecessary items will just contribute to more waste in the landfills.

Bulk buying saves money

One of the advantages of buying in bulk, is that those items are often on discount. Also, there is usually an extra item that you receive completely for free. This means that not only will you buy the items you need at a lower price, but you will also get something useful free of charge.

Faster stock turnover

Buying in bulk directly leads to a faster stock turnover which means products are fresher. You will buy food that has not been on the shelf for months. The benefit of this is less waste as they won't reach the expiration date. There is nothing better than buying the items you need, and then recycling them, or upcycling them. When we think of buying something new, we should always have the end-life in mind.

Bulk buying useful tips

Buying in bulk means that you will need more storage space at your home. Prepare your garage, pantry, or bathroom for storing the items you bought in bulk. With just a little bit of rearranging, you will be able to store everything so that it is useful for you to use it.

  • Order with family members and friends - Save even more money and packaging by ordering items together with someone else. This can be your relative, colleague, friend, or even neighbour.
  • Don't overstock - Only buy items in bulk if you know you will use them. Items such as toilet paper, and clothes are perfect for bulk buying, for example. But, be careful with food, and items you may not use, as waste creation easily occurs.

Eco-friendly bulk purchases

Here is a list of items you can buy in bulk and have a positive impact on the environment.


Buying a 3-pack or 5-pack set of T-shirts, underwear, or any other piece of clothing is great for the environment. You can wear all items from the pack, or you can gift them to your loved ones as well. Just make sure the items are eco-friendly, such as these recycled cotton T-shirts. Made from both organic and recycled cotton, these T-shirts are upcycled, and a part of agood loop™ program which encourages a circular economy. You can choose between organic & recycled cotton t-shirt packs for women and organic & recycled cotton t-shirt packs for man.

White T-Shirt Agood Company
White T-Shirt Bundle

The T-shirts are durable and ideal to wear during exercises, when you are relaxing at home, or leading an active life outside. And the best part is, even the packaging is eco-friendly, so you don't have to worry about piling plastic waste.

Toilet paper

Toilet paper is one of the items that people buy in bulk the most. You can store it in your garage, or under the sink in the bathroom. Buying individual toilet paper rolls requires every roll to be individually packed, which results in plenty of unnecessary packaging.

We, at agood company, want to prevent plastic waste creation, so we offer bamboo toilet paper in bulk. You get 48 toilet paper packs, and 6 kitchen rolls completely for free. These are both made from sustainably grown bamboo and contain no chemicals or bleach. They are safe to use against your skin and in the kitchen. The material is antibacterial and hypoallergenic, which means it is perfect for kids, and people with sensitive skin.

Bamboo Toilet Paper from agood company
Bamboo Toilet Paper Specs


Notebooks and pens are the core of every stationery list. Writing down notes, thoughts, and plans for business or personal affairs is the best way to achieve what you intend. If you want to gift your employees with climate-positive, and super useful gifts, then stone paper notebooks sets are exactly what you need. You can get three, six, or even seven notebooks at a discounted price, and get one or two natural grass pens for free.

Stone paper notebooks are in harmony with nature as they do not require trees, water, or chemicals. And on top of this, you get a silky smooth writing surface and experience, exactly what you want for yourself, and your colleagues.

Notebook, pen and a bottle

While we are on the topic of stationery, check out these offers where you get a stone paper notebook, a recycled steel thermal bottle, and a pen.

Forget about buying plastic bottles every day and contributing to already crowded landfills. Choose a recycled steel thermal bottle which is perfect for when you go to work, school, and even at home. It will keep your beverage hot or cold for many hours, and it can last you for decades to come. The only thing better than this is that you have a discount when you buy it with an eco-friendly notebook and a pen. With these items, you will be ready for a productive day without polluting the environment.

New starter packs

Welcoming your new hires with a proper sustainable starter pack can ensure a long, and prosperous work relation. Showing that you care about your staff enough to think of an eco-friendly, durable, and sustainable gift is what every new employee dreams of. You can choose a new starter pack depending on your preferences. Combine bamboo toothbrushes together with bamboo cutlery set, and bamboo socks, for example. Or choose a notebook and pen, and bottle, notebook and pen pack. Create your own bulk buying experience that your employees will have the most benefits from.

White Reusable Water Bottle

Phone accessories

Conscious purchase means that you buy all the items that you actually need, at a reasonable price, and as eco-friendly as possible. We believe that the green future lies in conscious consumerism. This is why we have created this eco-friendly bulk bundle which consists of a phone case, a screen glass protector, and a completely free cable which is worth €30 on its own. You will get a phone case, a screen protector and a bonus cable at a discounted price and enjoy them for many months.

The phone case is made from plants, and is sustainable, durable, and highly efficient in protecting your phone. The screen protector is made of triple tempered glass, and is scratch resistant. Tempered glass is one of the best materials on the market for screen protection, and is the right choice for your phone. Charging cable is a great addition to your phone, even if you already have one, as you can keep it at work, or your home office.

Case and Screen Protector Bundle
Multi-charging Cable from Recycled Materials from agood company

Final word

Remove the clutter from your homes. Get rid of all the items you don't need or use anymore. Make space for bulk purchases that benefit the environment. Make one trip to the store a week, instead of three. Order items online instead of going to the actual store that is miles away from your home. Choose to buy eco-friendly items, as almost every plastic, and toxic item has its climate-positive counterpart.

Don't be afraid of shopping, we live in an era of innovation and outburst of green items. Surround yourself with nature, and nature will be grateful to you. Join us on our mission to create healthy, eco-friendly products while helping those in need at the same time.

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