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We’re picking a fight with everyday products and how to make them better, for people and our planet. We thought long and hard about how to create a transparent case that meets our values. Something which uses recycled materials. More importantly, something which should never end up in landfill, fitting into our agood loop circular system. And finally a product which delivers everything you expect in a clear case - sleek design, crystal clear, anti-yellowing and protective.

With our first ever clear case, we’ve done just that. It’s made from excess production material, recycled candy boxes and recycled school glasses, to be exact.

With agood loop, our circular system, you not only get a discount on your next case, but you can feel good knowing that all materials will be recycled and reused to create new products - over and over again.

Plants protect
even better.

Here’s the thing, we work every day on how to make our phone cases better for the planet and more protective. 

This case is just like the other premium ones but made from a blend of bio materials including hemp, flax, cellulose and PLA, combined with biodegradable PBAT, in Sweden. Working locally makes for an unbeatable supply chain - The distance from raw material to finished product is less than a half-marathon.

But there's more to it.

  • We produce using solar power.
  • We have a closed-loop water-waste system.
  • We pay union-approved living wages for all workers.
  • Our circular production system, agood loop, re-uses old cases to make new ones, ensuring zero waste.

This all means that every time you choose a PLNTPRTCT™ case you save around 47 kg CO2 vs a standard plastic case. In other words, for the same CO2 impact as just 1 plastic case made in China, we can make 470 plant-based cases in Sweden.

And if that wasn´t enough, every PLNTPRTCT™ case sold contributes directly to Malala Fund. Our goal is to provide 3 years of education for 10,000 girls.

Join the good fight.

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