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Bings For #Standwithukraine is an initiative to support Ukraine. We've partnered with Berlin-based artist Fabienne Meyer (Bings) to create 3 unique designs for our plant-based mobile cases, stone paper notebooks, and recycled steel bottles. These designs focus on freedom and world peace, reflecting on the conflict's trauma while supporting those in need.
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Welcome to agood company ◣ Bings For #Standwithukraine

We want to contribute as much as possible to help those close to our home.

We are therefore creating a limited-edition collection to stand with Ukraine. We have partnered up with the Berlin based artist Fabienne Meyer (Bings) to create 3 different designs, available for our plant-based mobile cases, stone paper notebooks and recycled steel bottles. The collection reflects on the trauma of the conflict and tries to take an optimistic view of what we hope can follow, as well as supporting those in need. These designs have a clear focus on freedom and world peace.

This collection is not for profit, all the surplus goes towards those in need. Each item will be sold for €35.99, €20 of which will be donated towards essential supplies. The goal with this collection is to raise 10,000 EUR and all the proceeds will go to different initiatives supporting the people in Ukraine.

Please join us in our goal to raise 10,000 EUR for Ukraine. It's simple, buy one of these jaw-dropping, sustainable designs and help those who need it the most.

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