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Join us in celebrating the art of ethical play with inclusive dolls. Choose a playmate that not only captures your child's imagination but also reflects your values. Explore our collection and bring home a doll that beautifully blends style with a conscience. Because at Watoto Arts, every stitch tells a story of all the children.
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Diverse Big Dolls Crafted for Inclusive Play:

These big inclusive dolls are carefully handcrafted from non-toxic and organic sustainable materials, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly playtime for your child. Each doll, ranging from 34 to 36 cm, is a unique creation, celebrating diversity and fostering inclusive play, and showing to us why inclusive dolls for kids matter. The inclusion of removable clothes adds an extra layer of fun and creativity to playtime. What's more, each doll's clothing features a pocket designed to comfortably fit up to two inclusive baby dolls, enhancing the imaginative play possibilities. Nurturing environmental awareness in our children is important, and these dolls can help you in your quest to do so. 

Doll Materials - Wool or Recycled Polyester: An Eco-Conscious Choice:

When it comes to choosing the filling material for your big doll, Watoto Arts gives you the option to align with your eco-friendly values. Opt for recycled polyester filling, made from old plastic bottles, for its washable and quick-drying properties. This material is practical and also a great vegan option, contributing to reducing the environmental impact of plastic pollution.

Alternatively, choose wool from Swedish sheep for a natural and durable option. Wool, known for its durability, dirt-repellent nature, flame resistance, and insulating properties, ensures comfort in various climates. Furthermore, wool is biodegradable and recyclable, aligning with our commitment to sustainable choices.

For Every Doll sold, We’ll Provide 3 years of Education for 10,000 Girls

Education is crucial for a brighter future. Yet, over 130 million girls worldwide face barriers to schooling due to their gender. Join us in partnering with the Malala Fund to empower these ambitious minds and provide the education they rightfully deserve. 

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