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Achieve your 365-day goals with a stone paper journal

05 Jan 2024

Overnight success never happens over night. It is a result of years and years of hard work and dedication to things you love. You won`t magically lose weight or find your dream job. This comes after careful planning and achieving all the necessary small steps first. We know that writing provides clarity and makes any life decision easier to make.

This is why have created this useful guide on how to achieve your 365-day goals with a stone paper. This article will explain what is a stone paper journal, and guide you through different areas of life you can improve by writing down and measuring progress in your journal.

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Goals for the Year

What is a stone paper journal?

The paper made of stone is an innovation in the writing world that will save many forests and improve air quality. The stone paper is made of limestone and has many applications. It is a great solution for eco-conscious writers and anyone who wants to save the environment from harmful substances. Not a single tree has to be cut in order to have a writing material, thanks to abundant limestone. This is why the sustainable future is written in stone.

Stone paper notebooks and/or stone paper journals are an excellent gift to your colleagues and a way to keep your thoughts, goals, and missions organized. Writing can only become better and more meaningful if it is done in a climate-positive material.

Blue Eco-Friendly Journal
Deep Sea Blue Journal Made of Stone Paper

Inspiring goals for a fulfilling year

Get ready for an amazing 2024! We've got some cool goals to make your year fulfilling. From happy relationships to staying fit, managing money, and exploring new places – it's all about making life awesome. Check out these simple and inspiring goals to make your days brighter and more exciting!

Relationship goals

Whether you have a boyfriend/girlfriend or a spouse of 20 years, nurturing relationships should be your number one priority. Our significant other is the person we turn to when things get hard, but also to share all the happy moments in life. Are you happy with the relationship that you have at the moment? If yes, that is great. If not, do not worry, most of the time you can significantly improve your relationship by dedicating more time and effort to preserve it.

Plan the way in which your relationship can improve. If necessary, schedule counselling, a double massage, or start tango lessons together. Add some fun to your daily life, and make sure to write everything down in your journal, as well as to track progress.

Family goals

Ask yourself what is your current relationship with your family members like. Do you spend enough quality time together? If you have older parents, make it a goal to have coffee or lunch with them at least once a week, or a video call if they don`t live close by. On the other hand, if you have small kids, you should spend at least 20 minutes of quality time every day with them to nurture a healthy relationship.

Family Time With Kids

Most often, it happens that we keep saying that we should spend more time with our loved ones, but end up not changing a single thing about that. This year, write down the dates and plans for activities with your family. It will do wonders for your family`s well-being.

Gym goals

Going to the gym has many benefits. Weight loss, building muscles, the body releases endorphins after exercises which makes you feel happy, socialising, etc.. Then, why is not everybody going to the gym every day?

The key is to make the right organisational plan and stick to it. Plan at least two to three visits to the gym a week, so that you can experience all the benefits. When you come back from the gym, make sure to tick off that visit from the to-do list in your journal. This simple step provides you a motivational boost, that will keep you going even when you don`t feel like it.

Beauty goals

Yes, true beauty comes from inside, but nurturing our bodies allows us to age beautifully, and to become a better version of ourselves. This is why it is important to implement some useful habits that will make our skin look fresh, and our bodies younger.

Reusable Make Up Pads

Removing makeup every night and applying hydrating cremes that will prevent wrinkles and hydrate our skin is a must. Reusable makeup pads will assist you in achieving this goal without polluting the environment. You can clean your face with these gentle makeup pads, simply wash them and use them again in the morning.

Use bullet journal to mark your progress each day, and to measure the impact these healthy habits have on your skin.

Financial goals

Finances are one of the most important aspects of our everyday life. Making goals about budgeting can improve your finances, and let you live a more prosperous life.

First of all, write down all the expenses that you currently have. Rent, bills, subscriptions to magazines, gym memberships, food expenses, etc. Then check whether you can cut down any of those. For example, if you live in a large apartment, you can downsize and pay lower rent. Or cut down on magazine subscriptions, and avoid ordering food until you save enough money for your next holiday.

What is important is to have a clear goal of what you intend to do with a certain amount of money. Then, you will know whether finding a new job or simply saving a bit more will be enough to accomplish your goals.

Living a climate-positive life

Set a goal this year to live a climate-positive life. When buying products, choose green products from conscious brands. There are plenty of ways in which you can do this, and you should take your time and change one thing at a time. Make a list of things you need to buy, such as a phone case, T-shirt, watch, or anything else. Then, check whether there are greener options that are more sustainable.

agood company Eco-Friendly Products
Black Organic Cotton T-Shirts

You will find that there are eco-friendly phone cases that will perfectly protect your phone from scratch and fall. And you will see that there are organic cotton T-shirts that do not pollute the environment. Or that there are classy, wooden, sustainable watches that will last you for decades to come made from recycled furniture.

Business goals

There is nothing better than making your business plans in stone paper notebooks. Check out how stone paper notebooks benefit your corporate environment. Whether you need to expand or downsize your business this year, don`t be afraid to do it. Do the necessary research, set the goal that will make your business prosper, and write each necessary step in the stone paper notebook.

Then, follow your progress, change the goals, and adjust the plans if necessary to fit the bigger picture. Everything is easier when you have the final goal in your mind. We recommend that you write in grass pens, and grass pencils as they are eco-friendly and endlessly refillable, so you will save both money and the environment in the long run.

Stone Paper Notebook
Natural Grass Pen

Health goals

If you currently have any health issues, listen to the advice of your doctor and follow the instructions they gave you. In the meantime, you can adjust your daily habits to lead you to a healthier lifestyle, which will aid with any current health issues you may have.

Include at least three hours a week of physical activity (swimming, yoga, dancing lessons). Only order food when you absolutely have to, as homemade meals have no substitution. Seasonal fruits and vegetables along with a cooked meal are the basis for any healthy diet. Start writing down your meal prep plan in the journal every Sunday, and by the end of the year, you will have over 50 successful weeks of homemade meals.

Ditch single-use plastics from your home and life, as they contain substances such as microplastics that disrupt the normal functions of the body in the long run. There are numerous reusable alternatives to single-use plastics. Surround yourself with high-quality, eco-friendly products and observe the health improvements.

White Stainless Steel Bottle Reusable
Close Up Look at agood company Bottle

Travelling goals

Every now and then, we need to unplug from our same, daily life and seek new experiences that will inspire us for a better future. Set a goal to visit at least 50 new places this week, approximately one new place per week. Write down which places can you visit, and in which periods of the year. Remember, you don`t have to travel far, a new park can be a completely new experience for you. If you like picnics, it is useful to know how to organize a plastic-free picnic in 5 easy steps.

Final word

The year has just begun, and there are so many beautiful things waiting for us around the corner. But, it is important to remember that we are in charge of the direction in which the year will head to. Focus on the most important areas in your life that need improvement. Make a plan and start from there.

You can always change and adjust the plan but don`t change the final goal. When you stick to your plans long enough, you will begin to love discipline and enjoy the things you thought you wouldn`t. So, dedicate this year to becoming the better version of yourself, and do this in a way that does not harm the environment.

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