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The Sustainable Future is Written in Stone

16 Nov 2023

We can finally look forward to our future, as it looks bright and greener than ever. The creation of stone paper products has led to fewer carbon emissions, less deforestation, zero chemicals, and bleaching process when creating paper-like products.

This article will introduce you to the history and making of stone paper, present you with our stone paper products, and tell you about the social impact we make with every single purchase.

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The history of stone paper

Stone paper is mentioned as a litographic matrix as early as 1820s. Being lightweight it served artists for painting, and it was cheap to transport it and easy to make it, since it does not require any chemicals. While such litographic processes were abandoned, another idea was born and thanks to it, we have an alternative to deforestation and pulp paper.

In Taiwan, during the late 1990s, limestone dust was successfully converted to stone paper for the first time and nature has been grateful for it ever since. Even the first stone paper was used as a food coating, but soon it found its way to become a favourite, eco-friendly surface for writing.

The makings of stone paper

The process of making the stone paper is straightforward and non-toxic. The main ingredient, limestone, is a by-product in queries and mines. This means that it is widely available, and easy to obtain. Limestone and marble are ground to calcium carbonate dust, which will later become stone paper. It is mixed with HDPE (high-density polyethylene, which keeps everything together.

The crucial part about HDPE is that only recycled HDPE is used in the process, making our stone paper kind to nature and humans. HDPE can be almost indefinitely recycled, more than a thousand times, which makes it a desirable material in the makings of stone paper.

Stone Paper in Powder

Calcium carbonate powder and HDPE are combined to create pellets in the next steps. The pellets are pressed and finally reach the shape and density of a paper. Such a paper has a plethora of benefits and applications that we will now go through.

Unlike the process of making a traditional pulp paper, this process does not involve water, chemicals, bleaching, or cutting down trees. The colour of stone paper is the colour of the limestone, naturally white, so we don`t need to alter it. And since there is no deforestation, or excess water usage, or chemicals, this process is much greener and eco-friendlier to the entire planet. Lower emissions of gasses will help fight climate change. Stone paper vs traditional pulp paper debate has a winner, and that is the kind of paper that does not cause deforestation.

What are the benefits of using stone paper?

There are numerous reasons to switch to using stone paper in our daily lives. It offer so many benefits, and will hopefully using replace pulp paper wherever possible. Here are just some of the benefits of using stone paper:

  • Water-proof - You don`t have to worry about rain destroying your notes, or an accidental spill of a glass of water. Divers can even use stone paper in the ocean to make notes. It is that good.
  • Stain-resistant - Forget about coffee stains, or any other stains for that matter. Stone paper will keep looking fantastic under any conditions.
  • Flame-resistant - Another benefit of using stone paper is that it is flame-resistant. In case of fire, your notes will not be damaged. This is the future of paper and preserving of everything that is written.
  • Smudge-free - Ink will not smudge when you write on stone paper. This feature makes it perfect for any kind of important documents that you want to write, whether it is for business, or for your personal journal.
  • Tear-resistant - We all know just how easy it is to tear a traditional pulp paper. With stone paper this is not possible, as the material itself prevents any tears. This makes stone paper a durable option, worth investing in.
  • Eco-friendly - As we already mentioned, the making of stone paper requires no trees, excess water, or chemicals making it an eco-friendly product with a wide set of applications.
  • Amazing writing experience - Writing on stone paper is smooth and pleasant. The transition from writing or using traditional paper will be easy and quick.
Pomegranate Red Stone Paper Pocket Notebook Waterproof
Red Stone Paper Notebooks

Our amazing stone paper products

Our goal is to make this planet a healthier, and better place to live in. This is why we have created numerous eco-friendly products made of stone.

Stone paper notebooks

The notebooks are a part of the eco-friendly stationery. You can choose between softcover stone paper notebooks and hardcover stone paper notebooks.

Made from locally sourced limestone in Taiwan, these notebooks are climate-positive and offer a silky smooth writing experience. Choose between notebooks with lines or blank ones, and enjoy up to 144 pages of eco-friendly paper.

When you are done writing, you can keep them at your bookshelf for decades, as no stain, or smudge will harm them. They are extremely durable and resistant to tears.

These notebooks make for a perfect corporate gift. Your employees will love them, as they will finally be able to make notes in a high-quality, eco-friendly paper wherever and whenever. Gifting your employees such a valuable gift as stone paper notebooks that is all about preserving nature, will improve the energy in the team, and motivate your staff to work even better.

Hardcover White Notebook Made of Stone Paper
Hardcover Vista Blue Stone Paper Notebook

Stone paper journals

We live in a fast-paced world with so many things to do in a single day. Keeping a journal has plenty of benefits that help us on a daily basis. Whether you want to write down your thoughts, and monitor your thought processes, or you just want to write down your ideas and to-do lists, your day will get much better. Experts say that keeping a journal helps ease stress and anxiety, which leads to better organization, and a more productive lifestyle.

Our stone paper journals support both your mental health and the environment. Enjoy all the benefits of keeping a journal, while at the same time helping us in fighting climate change and deforestation.

The journals are dotted, and have 144 pages. They are A5 in size, and extremely practical for every day use. Convenient in size, with plenty of pages to write in, saving the planet has never felt so good.

Choose between walnut brown, deep sea blue or charcoal black colour and make journaling your daily healthy habit.

Deep Sea Blue Stone Paper Journal
Deep Sea Blue Journal Made of Stone Paper Open

A6 Stone paper pocket notebook

How many times has it happened to you that you have a fantastic idea that you will come back to later on, just to simply forget it as it vanished your mind pretty fast? This is easily preventable with a simple pocket notebook, that will fit in your pocket perfectly, as A6 size allows it.

Our A6 stone paper pocket notebook collection comes in beautiful colours such as Pomegranate Red, Charcoal Black, Grass Green, Dusty Pink, Stone Gray, and Snow White. It has 64 high-quality stone paper pages, convenient for everyday use.

Natural grass pens and pencils

Our natural grass pens and natural grass pencils collections are a novelty among the eco-friendly stationery items. Both pens and pencils are made from a natural meadow grass, and have an ergonomic triangular grip that makes writing enjoyable.

The natural grass pens use non-SVHC ink for writing, and they can be easily refilled for decades to come. These pens are a part of the agood loop system, which means that you can send them back to us and we will either recycle it or make another pen. Just like natural grass pencils, they come in Dark Brown and Wheat Beige colors.

Check out our stone paper notebook sets, where you can buy a notebook and get the eco-friendly pen completely for free.

3 Pack Stone Paper Notebook Set A5 Hardcover Grey Scale
6 Pack Stone Paper Notebook Set A5 Hardcover Charcoal black
7 Pack Stone Paper Notebook Set A5 Hardcover Multicolour

All of our packaging are made of stone paper

We pride at having completely sustainable packaging material, which is of course, stone paper. When you receive a product that you ordered from us, it will come in stone paper packaging, which can be recycled. Stone paper applications are numerous, and this packaging is just one of them.

Social impact of stone paper products

We are happy to say that our stone paper notebooks support clean water initiatives. With well over 700 million people lacking access to clean and safe water, we knew we need to act. Since 2006, we`ve improved the lives of 15 million people in 29 countries. By donating money from sales, we helped build wells, filters, and capture rainwater by collaborating with organizations that know what they are doing. By purchasing our products, you are making this world a better and safer place to live in.

Final word

Stone paper is here to stay. It is a sign of a promising future, in which we breath fresh air, drink clean water, and eat nutritious foods. Making the right choice means choosing products that do not harm the environment, but rather help it renew itself. Stone paper has many applications, and one day we will be able to say that deforestation is a thing of the past. Join us in our mission to save the planet by using climate-positive products.

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