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Introducing our eco-conscious softcover stone paper notebooks, made from stone without deforestation, water waste, or harmful chemicals. Enjoy the ease of writing on smooth, waterproof, and tear-resistant pages, available in classic black and white and conveniently sized at A5 or A6 format.
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Softcover Notebooks Made From Stone Paper

Here at agood company we always try to go one step further. We are creating notebooks with paper made from stone. Stone paper is a relatively new type of paper that is becoming increasingly popular due to its versatility and sustainability.

Our softcover notebooks are perfect for writing down your thoughts on the go, and if you have ever wondered how to start a diary, you have come to the right place. Our notebooks are made at the stone paper factory by using leftover materials from construction sites. The production process requires no water, chemicals, or bleaches, giving you a silky-smooth writing experience that is waterproof and tear-resistant.

Softcover Stone Paper Notebook Sizes

Our softcover notebooks come in two different sizes, A5 format (21x14,8 cm), with 64 pages, or A6 pocket-sized format (10,5x4,8 cm), with 64 pages. A5 softcover notebooks are available in black or white, while our pocket notebooks come in numerous different colours.

Apart from our softcovers we also offer A5 hardcover stone paper notebooks available in multiple colours and printed designs.

Eco-Friendly Natural Grass Pens and Pencils

Write on stone with grass. Our pens and pencils are made from grass to fit perfectly with sustainable notebooks, they feature an ergonomic triangular grip assuring precision and comfort in every stroke. Natural grass pens - a perfect fit for eco-conscious writers.

The social impact of softcover stone paper notebooks.

We're committed to impactful writing solutions and strive to create a positive change. Currently, 771 million people worldwide lack safe drinking water, affecting education, work, and health. Providing access to clean water is a powerful catalyst for economic growth. Partnering with charity: water, our products support initiatives transforming lives. The sustainable future is written in stone: explore other products supporting charity: water here.

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