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LastObject is a personal care brand dedicated to combatting single-use plastic pollution by creating sustainable and reusable alternatives for various everyday items, with a strong focus on environmental responsibility. Beyond products, LastObject actively promotes a reusable lifestyle, emphasizing individual contributions to a greener future.
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LastObject: Embracing Sustainability with Reusable Alternatives to Single-Use Plastics

Single-use items have a detrimental impact on the environment, and LastObject's mission is clear: to eliminate them. They achieve this by crafting lovable, sustainable, and reusable alternatives to single-use plastic that reduce the devastating consequences when they end up in nature. Committed to preserving our Earth and its oceans from plastic pollution, LastObject offers a diverse range of eco-conscious alternatives. From cotton swabs to menstrual pads, tissues, and beauty products, every item has been thoroughly designed to reduce waste and maximise sustainability. LastObject's unwavering dedication to a planet-first approach fuels their mission to make sustainability a more accessible choice.

LastObject's Commitment to Sustainability

At LastObject, sustainability is not merely a concept; it's an integral part of their ethos. Their journey as a B Corp certified company is an ongoing commitment to being a force for good and creating a positive impact on the world.  As a crucial contributor to the fight against climate change, LastObject has already prevented over 3,000 tons of carbon emissions from entering our atmosphere. This achievement is a testament to their unwavering commitment to being part of the solution to the climate crisis. Their choice of material is a testament to their dedication to solving biggest environmental problems. They opt for materials like compostable wood fibres, cardboard, and organic cotton, with a majority of their cotton being certified organic.

But LastObject doesn't stop at producing sustainable products. They nurture a reusable movement, believing that every individual possesses the power to create a positive impact. Through their communication platform, they educate, inform, and inspire change, making it easier for all of us to embrace a sustainable future. Notable milestones include using 10 tonnes of ocean-bound plastic in their product manufacturing, partnering with "Plastic for Change'' to remove 60 tonnes of plastic, and avoiding the release of 1650 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

LastObject's products, on average, are an astounding 10 times more sustainable than their single-use plastic counterparts. LastObject isn't just a brand; it's a commitment to a better world for us all.

Introducing LastObject ◣ agood company: Joint Force for Sustainable Innovation and Conscious Consumption

The partnership between LastObject and agood company marks a significant milestone in our joint quest for sustainability and conscious consumerism. Together, we introduce a range of groundbreaking products that revolutionise our relationship with the environment, now conveniently available on our website. 

Both LastObject and agood company proudly hold B-Corp certification, uniting us in a common commitment to purpose-driven business practices aimed at catalysing positive change. Together, we envision a world where global economic systems are not just transformed but reimagined to foster sustainability, paving the way for a brighter and more promising future

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