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Globally, 1 in 10 people, or 771 million individuals, lack access to safe drinking water. With every purchase from this collection, we pledge to donate fresh and clean water through charity: water. Our shared objective is to deliver 25 million liters of safe water annually to those in need.
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agood company - Helping bring clean water to millions

We have forged a meaningful partnership with charity: water, an organization dedicated to addressing the water crisis since 2006, bringing considerable expertise to this crucial mission.

Every purchase from our collection, featuring items such as our stainless steel bottles, stone paper notebooks, and grass pens, directly contributes to providing safe and clean water to those in need.

Expanding our product range with brands we love also broadens the possibilities for supporting water initiatives. You can actively participate by choosing eco-friendly sunglasses from Bird Eyewear or any product from The Sustainable Watch Company.

Worldwide, 771 million people lack basic access to safe drinking water - that’s 1 in 10 people.

Without access to clean water, children can’t go to school, adults can’t go to work, and people regularly get sick. These problems are felt especially acutely by girls and women as they’re often the ones tasked with water collection.

Providing easy access to clean water is one of the most powerful tools for economic growth we know. But it can simply mean giving a young girl the free time to braid her hair.

It changes everything.

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