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Keep your natural grass pen ready with our blue or black non-SVHC ink refills available through our subscription service, ensuring a smooth writing experience with its high-quality nib and silky ink. Our refills work with other pens, but the perfect pairing will always be with our natural grass pen.
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What would our agood company natural grass pen be without the refills?

Never run out of blue or black non-SVHC ink by setting up a subscription for all your pens. Available in black or blue. Quench your natural grass pen’s thirst with our amazing non-SVHC ink and make sure you’re always well-equipped when inspiration hits you.

While it also works with other pens, the perfect pairing will always be with our natural grass pen made from meadow grass and a bit of BPA-free plastic. We’re immensely proud of our army of 50,000+ refill warriors – who got hooked on the triangular, ergonomic grip of our pen and the smooth writing experience provided by the high-quality nib and silky non-SVHC ink. Don’t be one of those who use all kinds of bad plastic in all areas, be wise and refill.

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