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Discover our eco-friendly Natural Grass Pencils, crafted from meadow grass for comfortable, long-lasting writing. Our unique triangular grip ensures comfort during extended use and prevents rolling, all while utilizing an innovative, resource-efficient closed-loop manufacturing process.
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Natural grass pencil - your faithful companion to infinity and beyond. 

Our refreshing take on what an inexpensive and sustainable. Made from meadow grass. You can refill and use it as often as you wish. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to make an environmentally friendly pencil.

We put hundreds of hours into the design of this pencil. Why? Because we wanted it to be superior to all others on the market, both for the customer and the environment.

Feedback from users favoured a triangular grip that allows you to write better and for a longer period of time, with the added bonus it won’t roll away from you when you put it down. Run by a philosopher monk turned farmer then designer, The Natural Pencil Factory uses an environmentally friendly and resource-efficient closed-loop manufacturing process.

Our agood company natural grass pencil won’t let you down.

You can use it for ever and ever thanks to easy refills and perfect grip! So just don’t leave anything unwritten! Write, scribble, doodle, sketch, draw, annotate… 

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