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We're thrilled to collaborate with Berlin-based artist Bings on a limited edition mobile case, notebook, and bottle collection. Explore her captivating pattern art, inspired by real-life oil paintings from Berlin's hidden corners, and enjoy the city's unique beauty every time you glance at your phone.
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We're in love with the Berlin-based artist and multi-talent Bings.

So much so that we decided to make a limited edition mobile case collection together. When Mika, our Head of Brand, first stumbled upon her work, it was love at first sight.

Dive into her stunning art and relish in her exquisite use of sparkling colours.

Each pattern is thoughtfully designed after a real life oil painting hanging in an artsy gallery in our favourite hidden corner of Berlin. Embrace Berlin's rough and beautiful features and be happy each time you look at your phone. We know we are.

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