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ASK Scandinavia, based in Helsinki, is your go-to destination for premium women's handbags and tote bags crafted from sustainable materials. Their innovative designs embody timeless style, setting them apart as a leading brand committed to sustainability in fashion bags industry.
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ASK Scandinavia Redefining Fashion with Sustainable Bags

ASK Scandinavia, a Helsinki-based premium brand, has emerged as a distinguished player in the fashion landscape, blending innovation and sustainability seamlessly. Founded in 2017 by the visionary Karoliina Bärlund, this female-led brand has evolved into a beacon of responsible and timeless design, capturing the essence of Scandinavian elegance. Committed to fighting the overconsumption of fast-fashion products, ASK Scandinavia specialises in crafting women's handbags and tote bags.

ASK's Commitment to Sustainability

ASK Scandinavia's commitment to sustainability and fight against fast fashion is at the heart of its identity. Since its inception, the brand has been on a relentless journey of finding ways to reduce carbon footprint and promote responsible fashion practices. The commitment extends to their thoughtful selection of sustainable materials, with a focus on sustainable options like ECONYL®, textile from regenerated nylon and MIRUM®, plant-based leather, for crafting their exquisite handbags and totes. By embracing innovative and eco-friendly materials, ASK Scandinavia delivers a premium product and contributes to a more sustainable fashion industry. Their mission is rooted in inspiring a conscious shift towards a more climate-positive lifestyle, offering consumers better alternatives that prioritise environmental well-being.

Uniting Forces for Sustainable Style with agood company

In a groundbreaking collaboration, ASK Scandinavia has joined forces with agood company, a company on a mission to combat everyday products harming the planet. Our collaboration is a fusion of shared values, as we are known for replacing plastic with plants and reusing natural materials, which aligns seamlessly with ASK Scandinavia's commitment to sustainability. This partnership is more than a business alliance, it's a strategic move towards amplifying our impact on sustainable practices in the industry. Making a social impact is a great part of our business which we can do thanks to our agood foundation, partnering with other sustainable brands like ASK allows us to expand the product range that will help people in need. Every purchase from this collection will donate a food kit to a child in need through Save the Children. Take a look at other products supporting children's initiatives.

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