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Each year, 15 billion trees are cut down, endangering our fight against climate change. Collaborating with WeForest, we empower small-scale farmers to protect local forests, ensuring higher incomes and diverse economic activities. For every purchase from our collection we will plant a tree. Our aim is to grow 50,000 trees.
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For every product sold, we grow a tree.

Around 15 billion trees get cut down every year, posing a big threat to our fight against climate change. We need to fight against this problem, explore causes for deforestation, it's consequences and effect on climate change. Trees cool our cities, clean our air, and absorb CO2. They also protect water, prevent floods, provide homes for wildlife, and even help reduce crime.

We've been working with WeForest for years, and we're impressed by their work. They team up with small-scale farmers, giving them training and tools to make more money and protect local forests. This means higher incomes, diverse economic activities, and new skills for the farmers.

Our aim is to grow 50,000 trees and we’ve come pretty far so far.

For every purchase from our collection, featuring items such as sustainable phone accessories (multi-charging cable, MagSafe or phone wallet) - we will plant a tree.

Expanding our product range with brands we love also means more ways to support eco-friendly initiatives. You can join in by choosing products from Ethical Bedding, a company changing the game with the world's most sustainable luxury sheets and beddings.

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