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Dot & Lola is redefining the hair care industry with an unwavering commitment to ethics, purity, and sustainability. With over 20 years of industry experience, they offer a plant-based approach, creating products that prioritize hair and skin health while caring for the planet. Their mission: one life, one planet, and a dedication to both customers and the environment.
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Dot & Lola: Ethical Hair Care Redefining Industry Standards

Dot & Lola is a vision transformed into reality, a testament to the power of ethical entrepreneurship within the hair care industry. With a mission deeply rooted in purity, sustainability, and personal care, Dot & Lola will revolutionize the way you perceive and experience hair care.

Dot & Lola: Founding Vision and Unique Approach

Imagine a world where the dominant presence of major hair care brands is replaced with a commitment to purity, natural ingredients, and ethical practices. This is the vision behind Dot & Lola. With over 20 years of experience in the hair industry, their founder has witnessed the overwhelming influence of major brands, leaving little room for ethical, smaller businesses to flourish. This realization, coupled with a personal journey battling allergies caused by toxic chemical-based products, ignited a passion to make a difference.

Years of dedication, research, and experimentation led to the discovery of a perfect combination: products that work wonders for hair, skin, and body while prioritizing the well-being of our planet. Encouraging all users and consumers to reuse their bottles and providing a reusable alternative to single-use plasticsPassion for plant-based ingredients drives commitment to creating products that work in harmony with your hair and skin, promoting naturally glossy and healthy results. Every ingredient is important.

Dot and Lola is not just another hair care brand, it is a brand that caters to those who seek genuine, everyday hair care experiences, free from empty promises. Their message is crystal clear: we have one life and one planet. Meaning that each industry sector should be eco-friendly and transformed into one of genuine care, for both customers and the planet.

Introducing Dot and Lola ◣ agood company: Elevating Your Personal Care Experience

With our shared love for plant-based products we are excited to introduce this collaboration between agood company and Dot & Lola, a partnership that reflects our shared commitment to ethical, sustainable, and customer-focused solutions. Providing our customers with eco-friendly bathroom and personal use items, our collaboration offers you access to a carefully curated selection of care products that redefine industry standards. 

Join us in forging a new path, where consciousness and responsibility take center stage, and the future is all about cherishing its inhabitants and safeguarding the planet we call home. Dot & Lola ◣ agood company is the embodiment of this vision, and we invite you to be a part of this transformative journey.

  • Plant-Based

    Natural and plant-based ingredients
  • Responsible Production

    Carefully crafted products