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Welcome to the world of Bird Eyewear, a brand that extends beyond fashion frames and glasses to champion a movement dedicated to people and the planet. Their focus is firmly on sourcing or pioneering the finest sustainable materials for their frames, encompassing certified woods, bio-based acetate, renewable cork, and recycled aluminium. With Bird Eyewear, it's not just about looking great; it's about being part of a transformative change.
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Elevate Your Style and Impact the World with Bird Eyewear's Sustainable Frames

Bird Eyewear is a premium eyewear brand that offers a carefully curated selection of environmentally-conscious glasses that allows you to not only look great but also make a positive change in the world. Committed to eco-friendliness and sustainability, Bird Eyewear's frames are crafted from sustainable materials, like certified woods, bio-based acetate, renewable cork, and recycled aluminium. By choosing Bird Eyewear, you're not just making a stylish statement; you're contributing to a movement that prioritises both people and the planet.

Bird Eyewear's Commitment to Sustainability

Bird Eyewear's unwavering commitment to sustainability is at the heart of their mission. They tirelessly seek and craft the finest sustainable materials for their frames, including certified woods, bio-based acetate, renewable cork, and recycled aluminium. Their frames embody eco-friendliness, utilising bio-acetate, an environmentally friendly and biodegradable alternative to traditional acetate, free from oil-based plasticizers. Bird Eyewear's commitment to social and environmental impact is underlined by their Certified B Corporation status, marking them as the highest-scoring B Corp in their industry. Beyond fashion, Bird Eyewear makes a significant difference by supporting communities in Africa through their "Share Your Sun" partnership with SolarAid, providing solar lighting to those without access to electricity.

Their unwavering commitment to sustainability goes beyond the ordinary; it's about forging a circular economy. Bird Eyewear designs their frames with a focus on longevity, ensuring that every pair is 100% circular, allowing you to send your old frames at the end of their life cycle through agood loop™ initiative by agood company and receive a brand-new pair in return, effectively closing the loop and minimising waste. Transparency and ethical practices are cornerstones of their approach, ensuring no modern slavery, child labour, or forced labour in their supply chain.

As a certified carbon-zero company, Bird Eyewear offsets additional carbon emissions and plants over 10,000 trees in their Bird Forest to sequester carbon and create new habitats. Bird Eyewear is not just a brand; it's a global movement for a brighter, sustainable future.

Introducing birdeyewear ◣ agood company: Redefining Sustainability

The exciting collaboration between Bird Eyewear and agood company signifies a significant leap towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious future. This carefully curated collection of eco-friendly eyewear on our platform not only allows you to make a stylish statement but also empowers you to actively contribute to positive change.

Aligned by our shared values and B Corp certifications, this partnership is a testament to our joint commitment to creating eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to everyday items, to support a movement that places both individuals and the environment at the forefront.

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