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gomi was founded with a clear sense of purpose - to create beautiful, enduring products. The brand's design philosophy centres around the idea that technology shouldn't become obsolete. Instead, they design with circular lifespans in mind, using waste plastics and second-life batteries as their primary materials to create zero-waste portable bluetooth speakers.
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gomi design: Transforming Sustainability Through their Eco-Friendly Bluetooth Speakers

gomi is a brand born with a resolute purpose - to craft exquisite, enduring products that defy the notion of obsolescence. Their design philosophy centers around creating items with circular lifespans, rejecting the throwaway culture. They take waste plastics and second-life batteries as the foundational elements for the creation of their aesthetic and sustainable bluetooth speakers, utilising modular design to salvage what might otherwise be discarded.

These "earth-friendly" sound systems are crafted from plastic bags that were on their way to landfills and 100% repurposed lime e-bike batteries, saving over 50,000 batteries from incineration or ending up in landfills.

gomi design’s Commitment to Sustainability

Their products are handmade in the vibrant heart of Brighton, where a dedicated team of designers and sound technicians collaborates to craft designer speakers by hand. This hands-on approach ensures quality and attention to detail in every piece.

What truly sets gomi apart is their unwavering dedication to transforming e-waste into beauty. By crafting their products from so-called 'non-recyclable' waste plastics and powering them with second-life lithium batteries, they challenge the norm of mass production and minimal environmental consideration. With each bluetooth speaker equivalent to the plastic content of 44 bags, offering a compelling solution to the UK's annual disposal of 300 million kilograms of plastic pollution. Instead of contributing to the problems associated with battery disposal, they take healthy batteries from damaged e-bikes and give them a fresh start. The result? Battery packs that power gomi speakers for an impressive 30+ hours of playtime at normal listening volumes.

By doing so, they prevent perfectly usable batteries from ending up in landfills and reduce e-waste, thus contributing to humanitarian and environmental causes. gomi's commitment to sustainability extends beyond product creation; their speakers, designed with circularity in mind, can be easily repaired at the end of their lifecycle through the agood loop™ program. This program allows customers to return their speakers to gomi for recycling and rejuvenation.

Introducing gomi design ◣ agood company: Redefining Tech Sustainability

The collaboration between gomi and agood company marks a significant milestone in our joint journey toward circular and sustainable technology. Together, we stand as champions of responsible design and innovation, ushering in a new era of groundbreaking products showing the importance of recycling, all conveniently available on our website.

Our motivation for this partnership is deeply rooted in our vision of a world where technology thrives within circular lifespans, where nothing is discarded without thoughtful consideration. gomi design's unwavering commitment to transforming waste into beauty perfectly aligns with our shared goal of making mindful choices. This partnership underscores our dedication to circular economy, responsible tech design, where we aim to minimise waste and maximise product longevity, fostering a more sustainable and eco-conscious approach to technology.

  • Carbon Footprint - 9.06kg

    50.4% less than a market-leading equivalent
  • Responsible Production

    Carefully crafted products