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Discover our eco-friendly Natural Grass Pens, crafted from meadow grass and BPA-free plastic for comfortable, long-lasting writing. Our unique triangular grip ensures comfort during extended use and prevents rolling, all while utilizing an innovative, resource-efficient closed-loop manufacturing process.
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Introducing your trusted companion for endless possibilities.

Our eco-friendly pen redefines what it means to be affordable yet sustainable. Made from meadow grass and BPA-free plastic, it's designed for long-term use with the option for easy refills. Our commitment to the environment was the driving force behind the creation of this pen, as we recognized the negative impact that many low-cost pens have on the planet.

Unfortunately, the majority of cheap pens available today are not environmentally friendly, as they are made from poor quality plastic and designed for short-term use. This is why we spent countless hours perfecting our pen's design, with a focus on creating a superior product that benefits both our customers and the planet.

After extensive feedback from users, we developed a triangular grip that allows for comfortable writing for extended periods, while also preventing the pen from rolling away. The Natural Pen Factory, led by a former philosopher monk turned farmer and designer, utilizes an innovative and resource-efficient closed-loop manufacturing process.

With our agood company natural grass pen, you can write to your heart's content without worrying about the environment. Its perfect grip and easy refills make it a reliable companion for all your writing needs, from jotting down notes to sketching out ideas. So go ahead, unleash your creativity and put pen to paper.


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