What is stone paper?

Stone paper material is a type of paper made from a combination of calcium carbonate and a non-toxic, recyclable resin. It is waterproof, tear-resistant, and much more durable than traditional paper. Stone paper is also eco-friendly, as it doesn't require trees, water, or bleach to produce.

What sizes are available for agood company's notebooks?

Our notebook is available in two versions: a hardcover edition with 144 pages and a softcover edition with 64 pages. Additionally, we offer an A4 Sketchbook with 192 pages and an A6 Pocket Notebook with 64 pages.

What is the natural grass pen made of?

The natural grass pen is made of eco-conscious materials, including meadow grass and BPA-free plastics. The use of meadow grass as a raw material makes the pen more sustainable since it is a renewable resource that can be regrown each year. Additionally, BPA-free plastics are less harmful to the environment than traditional plastics since they do not contain metarials harmful to human health and the environment.

What type of ink does the pen use?

The Natural Pen uses soy ink, which is a plant-based alternative to petroleum-based inks. Soy ink is derived from soybeans, which are a renewable and abundant resource that can be grown in a variety of climates. Soy ink is compostable, which means it can break down naturally and return nutrients to the soil.

How long can pens and pencils last?

They are designed to be long-lasting, for consumers who are looking to reduce waste. By using a refillable pen, users can extend the life of the product, reducing the need to buy new pens and contributing to a more circular economy.

Is agood grass pen refillable?

Yes, the pen is refillable, which means users can continue to use the same pen while reducing waste. The pen uses 188mm blue and black refills that are easy to find and purchase, making it convenient for users to keep using their Natural Pen.

What is the ergonomic triangular grip?

Ergonomic triangular grip is designed to provide comfort and support while writing. The grip helps to reduce hand fatigue, making it a more comfortable writing tool.

What is the size and weight of the pens and pencils?

Natural grass pen and pencil are both 15 cm in size and weigh 9g.

How are pens and pencils packaged?

They are packaged in a stone paper envelope, which is a compostable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper envelopes. Stone paper is made from recycled materials and is more environmentally friendly than traditional paper since it requires fewer resources to produce.

How do I recycle the pens and pencils when they're no longer usable?

If your pen or pencil is damaged, you can place it in the plastic recycling bin. We also recommend buying refills to extend the life of your pen or pencil.

What is agood foundation?

agood foundation is a non-profit organisation that works with communities around the world to create positive impact through sustainable initiatives. We donate 4% of each purchase to agood foundation, and our company operates on a 100% no fee model to ensure that all donations go directly to the cause.