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Great customer service

Really helpful customer service and so far so good with the case

Bra kvalitet!

Jag är nöjd med mitt mobilskal och tycker att det har en bra kvalitet.

as expected

Nice, no-frills recycled plastic phone protector. I've already dropped it a few times and the phone emerged unscathed.

Quality phone case

Albeit a little pricey, this is a good quality phone case. The fact that it’s made of plant base materials is a bonus. I received excellent customer service which can be a rare thing these days, so thank you for that. I would recommend.

Very pretty, protective case

This was my third case from agood and I think this speaks for itself. The cases are beautiful, fit well and protect the phone. I’ve dropped my phone quite a few times and so far, the case caught it all. They don’t last forever, but you can definitely go for at least 1,5 years with one case, which is more than enough for me. After this time, you can compost them or give them back to agood. 5 stars from me, will buy again.

I don’t love it but I don’t hate it. I like that it’s all one material and is recyclable, and it’s super easy to install. But, it suffers from the same wobbly camera bump most thin cases have. I have been using a bumper case from Rhinoshield that’s a little bit thicker and stands off of the table more, so there’s no awkward bump. The bumper style keeps the MagSafe ring exposed (as well as the beautiful frosted glass of the phone). The only downside is it’s all made of TPU rubber. I would love to see a bumper case option from agood.

It works as expected.

So beautiful! Great customer service. A hard case, And it’s good for the environment 👍👍!

All fine

Works as expected

Works well

Fits well, works well and I like the idea behind the production

Works well

All as expected, relatively easy to apply, protects well



Well thought out case

The case is well thought out. The case has a little gap over the charging port as you may see in the pictures. This comes in very handy as this makes it feel like you don’t have a case when you swipe up to close an app.
Furthermore, they left a lot of space around the charging port so you can use whatever cable you want. I’ve had cases where you could only use the apple cable because cables with a bigger connector just would not fit.
The buttons have a very good pressure point. I like the click feeling with this case very much.
The case feels really sturdy. I did not have any cracks or so. I really like the clear look.
It is a hard case. So naturally, it is a bit tricky to get the phone out of it. I recommend the blue prying tools from ifixit, they make it very easy.
Now one point that bugs me a bit. I applied a screen protector beforehand and cleaned the with 70% isopropyl alcohol. As I could see some finger print on the inside of my case, I thouht it would be a good idea to clean the case with the isopropyl too. And I think this left some weird stains, that I just can’t remove now (See picture). Overall I am very happy

Decent Magnets

Does what it is supposed to do. I have the iPhone 15 Pro in Titanium White. A version of this magnet that has the same white as my phone would be great.

Have one myself, gave as a gift!

I have one myself, and have had it for almost three years! It has been through everything, been tossed in my bag countless times, been bend around almost every day, and still works like a dream!

My mom was complaining about how normal cables keep breaking and how she continously had to buy new ones, so I got her one as a present :) she's thrilled with it!

They are grey, not brown - a bit annoyed given I bought 6 and I don’t like grey

Paper from a stone!

Beautiful smooth writing surface for my daughter who journals as an act of self-discovery. It may be true you cannot get water from a stone but love new idea of paper from it!

Chipped a week later, got a replacement, chipped again

Beautiful solutions

My case was beautiful when it arrived. It cracked really discreetly early on but I have never had a better customer service experience than with this company.
They are so kind and service minded. I was floored.
Best company ever.


I ordered the case and screen protector bundle, and unfortunately the colour I ordered was out of stock so I had to choose another colour. This issue took a while to be sorted but customer services were friendly. I don’t think the cases are cheap, and unfortunately my case has cracked within 1 month of having it. I was pushed really hard at a train station and my phone went flying… the case cracked in 3 places. Maybe this is just the case doing its job and protecting my phone but it’s hard to say. It’s still useable for now but I’m a little disappointed as it was expensive!

Also, the wipe for applying the screen protector had completely dried out despite being sealed.

Overall- I do really like the case and the screen protector, but I’m not yet convinced how durable they are for the price. Love the sustainability, which ultimately is why I chose a good company.

Great alternative to plastic cases

The case fits like a glove and does the job of protecting my phone (Samsung S22) from butterfingers really well. Love the colour, too. I really hope these take off so prices can come down and even more people can switch to more sustainable phone cases (and other items).


Love the design and eco-ethos around the product. Arrived in a very nice and cool packaging!

Such a great protection!

Love the protection of the item!