Collection: Bamboo and Wheat Straws

Discover the ideal eco-friendly substitute for plastic straws with our selection of bamboo and wheat straws, both of which are 100% compostable, gluten-free, and well-suited for various occasions.
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Our straws made from bamboo, the world’s fastest growing plant.

Naturally antibacterial. Bamboo is the perfect all-natural replacement for plastic straws, as if nature designed it specifically for this purpose. It’s sustainable to grow, lightweight, strong, and will decompose if accidentally left behind on a forest outing. 

Our wheat straws are a byproduct of wheat farming that would otherwise be thrown away.

Instead, they can be used for sipping on your freshly squeezed lemonade and provide extra income for farmers. An all-natural, gluten-free and 100% compostable alternative to plastic. Perfect for parties and picnics. As a natural product, each straw is unique. Some are even a little bent, but we think that adds to the charm. Comes in a 100-pack.

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