Sustainable School Supplies

Sustainable school supplies

11 Aug 2023

With the school season just around the corner, it's the perfect time to gear up for a fresh academic year while keeping the planet in mind. Sustainability isn't just a trend - it's a powerful way to make a positive impact on our environment. As we prepare for the upcoming year of learning, growth, and discovery, let's explore some sustainable school supplies. In this blog post, we will learn why eco-friendly choices matter and how simple changes in our school supply list can contribute to a healthier planet for ourselves and future generations. So, whether you're a student, a parent, or an educator, get ready to embrace conscious consumption and make responsible choices. Let's make this school year one that's enriching our minds and the Earth we call home.

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Why do we need sustainable school supplies?

Conventional school supplies play a big part in causing problems for our environment. Many of them are made of plastic that doesn't really go away, and after we use them just once, we throw them out, which creates tons of garbage and pollution all the way from the beginning till we get rid of them. But, when we choose eco-friendly school supplies like pencils and notebooks made from recycled materials, we help cut down on waste, save resources like trees and water and even make sure we don't leave a big 'ol carbon footprint behind.

Eco-friendly school supplies alternatives

Eco-friendly pens and pencils

Have you ever thought about going old-school with your writing? If yes, follow these instructions to make a quill and ink. You will find writing with a quill great for calligraphy or Constitutions. However, in our fast-paced modern world, quills might not be the most practical option for jotting down quick notes or capturing our thoughts on paper.

Then, why not take a look at our eco-friendly pencils and pens – a sustainable choice for conscious students? They are made from meadow grass mixed with recycled BPA-free plastics. The gel ink is also ultra-smooth, and because we know you will love writing with it once you try it (and we want you to use your pen for as long as you can), we also sell Non-SVHC ink refills. Choose from vibrant blue refill and classic black Non-SVHC ink refills to suit your style.

When your natural grass pen reaches its final chapter, you can extend its life by using refills indefinitely. And when the time comes, simply return the pen to us through agood loop, and we will breathe life into another. Alternatively, you can recycle it with plastic to keep the cycle of sustainability spinning. The impact extends beyond the page as, for every pen sold, we donate 100 litres of safe, fresh, and clean water through our partnership with the charity: water.

Stone paper notebooks

Stone paper notebooks – another great addition to your sustainable school supplies. Stone paper is made from stone instead of trees. Unlike traditional paper made from trees, we use the “waste” bits and cast-offs from marble quarries and grind them into fine powder to make our paper. This innovative approach eliminates the need for harmful chemicals and reduces energy consumption, and the best part, no trees are cut down. Happy trees, FTW! One remarkable advantage is its waterproof nature, making it an excellent choice for students studying outdoors or attending classes in the open air.

Eco-friendly backpacks

When preparing for the upcoming school year, the importance of sustainable choices extends beyond the classroom – right down to the backpack on your shoulders. Choosing a backpack made from organic fabrics or recycled materials isn't just a style statement; it's a thoughtful decision that aligns with a mission of reducing our carbon footprint. So, as you zip up your eco-friendly backpack and pack your sustainable notebooks, pens and school lunch supplies, remember that your choices extend far beyond the classroom walls.

Sustainable paint for kids

When creativity knows no bounds and tiny hands transform blank canvases into vibrant masterpieces, choosing the right tools becomes essential. Most paints contain and emit VOCs. Some of those VOCs are dangerous to human health and the environment. Some VOCs are natural - like the scent of a flower. Some are anthropogenic, meaning that humans made them. Those types of artificial VOCs are regulated by law, especially indoors, where concentrations are the highest.

Sustainable Paint for Kids

Unlike conventional paints that contain harmful chemicals, sustainable alternatives offer a palette of non-toxic, water-based options, ensuring a safer, healthier artistic journey for our little Picassos. By opting for sustainable paint, parents can nurture a lasting appreciation for the planet, ensuring that the colours on their palettes are as vibrant as the future they're helping to paint.

Sustainability during lunchtime

One area where we can significantly reduce our environmental footprint is during lunchtime. Here are some mindful choices that can easily be incorporated into daily school routines.

Reusable water bottles

Switching to reusable water bottles is a great way to help the environment. Made from recycled steel, these reusable water bottles for kids are durable, so they last a long time. Plus, you can fill them up again and again, which means less plastic waste from single-use bottles. They're light and easy to clean in the dishwasher too. Just boil it and reuse eternally!

Reusable Bottle for Kids School Supplies
Sustainable School Supplies Reusable Bottle for Kids

Cutlery choices that matter - from plastic to bamboo

Lunchtime sustainability is a lesson that can be taught in every bite. Swap out disposable plastic cutlery for reusable utensils and bamboo cutlery sets for kids. Bamboo is a fast-growing and renewable resource, making it an excellent alternative to plastic. By incorporating bamboo cutlery into your child's lunch routine, you're teaching them the importance of making choices that support the well-being of our planet.

Reusable lunch box

This school year, let your kids have a plastic-free lunchtime experience with a lunch box made from sustainable recycled steel. This eco-friendly lunch box is a must-have addition to sustainable school supplies. Fill it up with your favourite homemade treats, snacks or meals. It's an excellent way to cut down on single-use packaging and ensure a satisfying meal to power your kid through the school day. These reusable lunch boxes are designed to resist retaining odours, so your kid can enjoy flavourful curries one day and fresh salads the next without the worry of cross-flavours.

Sustainable School Supplies - Reusable Lunch Box

New sustainable school supplies?

We are very proud of our back-to-school essentials as we feel that all our products should be a joy to use and have intelligent and unexpected features. We would love to add even more of those types of products to our school list. What would you like to see us add? Please share your idea.

Final thoughts

Choosing sustainable school supplies isn't just a good idea – it's a small change that can lead to a big impact. Imagine a classroom filled with reusable water bottles and sustainable notebooks; lunch breaks without a trace of plastic waste, thanks to reusable lunch boxes. It's a future we can create by making simple choices today!

And our influence doesn't stop at our own backpacks - through our eco-friendly school supplies and mindful choices we make, we can inspire our friends, families, and maybe even our teachers to join the mission.

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