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Simple Solutions for Sustainable Workspaces

08 May 2024

Going green has finally become one of the greatest goals of our time. Businesses recognise the urge to reduce waste and harmful gas emissions and change their work patterns to implement eco-friendly practices. 

This article explores simple solutions that will help you transform your workspace into a sustainable office. Remember, there is no need to implement everything all at once, start with small steps and you will be motivated to do even more in the future.

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Recycle and compost

Waste reduction is one of the core pillars of sustainable workspaces. The goal is to create a minimum amount of waste and properly deal with the waste created.

Recycling bins

Place recycling bins in the office, so that employees can separate glass, paper, and e-waste. The more products we recycle, the more we help create a healthier environment for our future. Learn more about the importance of recycling, as you incorporate this simple, yet effective solution for creating a sustainable workspace.

Recycling Paper in the Office

Compost bins

Compost bins are a fantastic waste reduction tool, and every sustainable office should have them. Food leftovers don`t need to go to a bin, you can simply compost them and use them for fertilizing plants or donate them to a local farm.

Enhance energy efficiency

Saving energy will not only reduce your energy bill at the end of the month, but it will also turn your workspace into a sustainable oasis. There are several ways in which you can lower the energy consumption.

Switch to LED lights

LED bulbs can last up to 25 times longer than ordinary light bulbs. This makes them the right choice when choosing lighting for your sustainable office. The light bulbs also use even up to 75% less energy for emitting light, which will make the electricity bill significantly lower.

Install motion sensors

The motion sensors at your office will recognise when someone is in the office and turn on the light. Likewise, when no one is present the lights will be off, thus saving energy. Of course, you don't have to invest in motion sensors immediately, you can start with agreeing with your employees that everyone will turn off appliances and lights when not needed.

Install solar panels

Apart from the initial investment, solar panels provide numerous benefits for the environment and your employees. The energy obtained from the Sun does not emit any harmful emissions, unlike traditional electricity. It is completely free and helps reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Solar panels are a simple solution for powering your office equipment and providing light in an eco-friendly way.

Solar Panels for Energy Efficiency

Reduce plastic use

Single-use plastic is one of the largest pollutants in the environment, because apparently, in the year 2024, we still haven't figured out that convenience shouldn't come at the cost of our planet's health. Cups, plastic bags, straws and other plastic items pose a threat to marine life as animals confuse them for food.

Furthermore, those items take hundreds of years to decompose, polluting the air, land, and water in the meantime through harmful chemicals. Disposable doesn't mean it magically disappears, so it's time to rethink our throwaway culture.

Here are some items you can use in your workspace to reduce the use of plastic and help curb this habit that's overstayed its welcome.

Recycled steel thermal bottles

Single-use cups are a thing of the past. Or at least - should be. There is no need to create waste when there are much more eco-friendly solutions such as a reusable thermal bottle. It will last for a lifetime, as it can be reused endlessly, it is dishwasher friendly and does not impart any flavours. Perfect for hot tea, or cold water, it will keep your beverage hot for 20 hours and cold for 48.

Black and White Agood Bottle Conscious Consumerism
Agood Bottle Black

Bamboo cutlery

Another fantastic way to make your workspace more sustainable is to completely ditch plastic cutlery. Ordering food at work is a common practice, just like preparing food at home and bringing it to the office. However, using single-use cutlery only increases the amount of waste in landfills. This is why we should switch to reusable, eco-friendly, bamboo cutlery that you can always use at work.

Use sustainable office supplies

Apart from electronic equipment, almost every other office supply can be green. We suggest that you implement the policy of obtaining only eco-friendly office supplies to make your workspace sustainable and healthier to work in. Here are our top suggestions:

Stone paper notebooks

Your employees will love using stone paper notebooks made from limestone. Without a single tree cut or a drop of water wasted, these notebooks are eco-friendly and climate-positive. With tear and water-resistant features, they are a perfect solution for writing down important business notes both inside or outside the office space.

Grass pens and pencils

Made from meadow grass and BPA-free plastic, with an ergonomic triangular grip, these eco-friendly pens and pencils are here to stay as you can refill them for years to come.

Humanium metal pen

This pen is made from upcycled firearms and you can refill it as many times as you want. It's a rollerball pen filled with high-quality non-SVHC ink, and comes in an eco-friendly packaging made from cork and recycled aluminum. Produced in a factory powered by biogas and waste heat, the Humanium metal pen is environmentally friendly from start to finish. When it's time to dispose of it, simply recycle it with metal.

What's more, purchasing this pen means you're supporting a great cause - 25% of all revenue goes to communities affected by armed violence, helping them build a peaceful and sustainable future. 

Make corporate gifting eco-friendly

Corporate gifts are an excellent way to show your employees how much you value them. Thanking your staff for all the great work and effort is a part of a healthy working environment. There is no better way to encourage sustainable workspace practices than giving your employees climate-positive products that they can use every day at the office. Here are our favourite suggestions:


Made from organic cotton (80%), and recycled cotton (20%), your employees will enjoy wearing these soft T-shirts on any occasion. They are a perfect fit to wear at home, office, or at the gym. What makes them even more special is the fact that you can customize them with your company logo.

Plant-based phone cases

These phone cases are made with plants, and present one of the best gifts you can give to your employees. With numerous different designs and colours, plant-based phone cases are the future of sustainable phone accessories.

PLNTPRTCT™ Linseed Phone Case
No Plastic White Case

Multi-charging cable

Made from recycled materials, this 3-in-1 charging cable (Lightning/Type C/Micro USB) is a practical gift that helps prevent clutter on desks and in bags. It allows your employees to charge multiple devices simultaneously, promoting efficiency and convenience in the workplace.

Tempered glass screen protector

Tempered glass screen protector offers superior protection against scratches and cracks. That means your employees' phones last longer, which is better for the environment because it reduces the need to buy new ones. A smart and sustainable choice for keeping tech safe!

agood corporate gift box

If you're seeking inspiration on what to mix and match, why not explore our corporate gift box? You'll find a stone paper notebook, reusable thermal bottle, and pen inside - covering all the bases for the daily office needs. It's the perfect way to express gratitude to your team while promoting sustainability in the workplace.

Corporate Gift Box from agood company

Encourage sustainable commutes to work

Driving a car is one of the most common ways of transportation to work, but it emits plenty of hazardous gases and contributes significantly to air pollution. This is why it is essential to encourage your employees to choose a different way of commuting to work (But, if you drive an electric car, you're actually helping to keep the air cleaner since electric cars don't emit harmful gases like regular cars do).

For example, you can agree on going to work by bike, carpool, public transport, or on foot. Giving incentives can greatly increase the chances of implementing such changes. For example, offer longer breaks, an additional day off, or a monetary incentive for opting for an eco-friendly commute to work.

Become a B-corp or engage with B-corps

A B-corp is a for-profit corporation that has met high standards that prove that the corporation cares about the stakeholders, workers, customers, and the environment. This means that it does not only have profit as the main goal but also takes care of health and the environment. B-Corps have a legal obligation to balance profit with purpose, prioritising social and environmental goals alongside financial goals.

We believe in the power of collaboration with like-minded B-Corps, such as ourselves at agood company. When you buy our eco-friendly products, work on projects together, and aim to become a B-Corp like us, you're helping make the world a better place. We're all about joining forces with companies that share our values, care about the environment and society and drive positive change in the world while creating innovative solutions for a better tomorrow.

Final word

We are the conscious creators of our life space and office space. This is great news, as we can make better decisions each day to turn our workspace into an eco-friendly environment that the entire world can benefit from. Join us in the good fight.

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