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Samsung S24 Size Info & Phone Case Compatibility

24 Jan 2024

The Samsung S24 series has finally been released, and they did not disappoint. Amazing new features such as implemented AI features, and much higher brightness levels have set the bar high for enhanced user experience. Phones have become similar to treasures that fit in our palms, as they improve and aid our everyday life, from business to pleasure. Planning a vacation or a business meeting has never been easier with the help of smart features. 

Model Height Width Depth Display
Samsung S24 147 mm 70.6 mm 7.6 mm 6.2"
Samsung S24 Ultra 162.3 mm 79 mm 8.6 mm 6.8"
Samsung S24+ 158.50 mm 75.9 mm 7.6 mm 6.7"


This is one of the main reasons why we should protect them with high-quality phone cases. This article will answer the questions about S24 series phone case compatibility, sizes, and new features. 

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Samsung S24 Sizes and Specs Infographic

Samsung S24 dimensions

The dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S24 are 147 mm (Height), 70.6 mm (Width), and 7.6 mm (Depth). It weighs 167 g. The screen size is 6.2". For comparison, the Samsung S23 size is 146.3 mm (Height), 70.9 mm (Width), and 7.6 mm (Depth), while the weight is 168 g. The display size for S23 is 6.1" which is the biggest change in size between these two models.

The models only slightly differ when it comes to dimensions, but other differences prevent phone case compatibility between these two models. Namely, the S24 version has flat sides and not round ones. In this regard, the Samsung Galaxy S24 reminds us of an iPhone device.

When you decide to upgrade your phone to Samsung Galaxy S24, you should choose a new phone case, as the model is incompatible with previous versions.

Eco Friendly Samsung S24 Phone Case
Biodegradable Samsung S24 Case

Samsung S24 Ultra dimensions

The dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra are 162.3 mm (Height), 79 mm (Width), and 8.6 mm (Depth), while it weighs 233 g. The display size is 6.8". On the other hand, its predecessor Samsung S23 Ultra, has the following dimensions: 165.1 mm (Height), 75.6 mm (Width), and 8.9 mm (Depth), while the weight is almost identical at 234 g. The display size is the same for these two models.

The difference in size makes the S23 Ultra phone case incompatible with the S24 Ultra version. Also, the S24 Ultra version has flat sides, and a titanium frame, unlike the aluminium one that previous versions have.

Eco Friendly Samsung S24 Ultra Phone Case
Biodegradable Samsung S24 Ultra Phone Case

Samsung S24+ dimensions

The dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus are 158.50 mm (Height), 75.9 mm (Width), and 7.6 mm (Depth), while the weight is 197 g. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus has the following dimensions: 157.8 mm (Height), 76.2 mm (Width), and 7.6 mm (Depth), while the weight is 196 g. The biggest change between models is the display size, which is 6.7" for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, and only 6.6" for the S23 Plus model. 

Due to a subtle difference in dimensions, and also flatter sides, the new Samsung model will require a new phone case.

Another major difference comes in the form of brightness as users will be able to enjoy higher brightness levels on the S24 models. The newer models have up to 2.600 nits, compared to the Samsung Galaxy S23's 1,750 nits. Using the phone outside will be a delightful experience with this new feature.

Samsung S24 AI features

While the difference in size and physical layout of the series does not differ much from its predecessors, the biggest change is in the implementation of AI features. We will mention just a few of them, to give you an insight into the amazing AI world that will make your everyday life easier.

  • Live translate - with this app, you will be able to communicate with people who speak a different language in real-time. Both voice and text translations are available, and you don`t have to use any third-party app.
  • Circle-to-search - Yet another outstanding feature is circling the item or place in the image, and receiving information on it. Just circle that bag that you see, and you will instantaneously get information on the price, and location where you can buy it, for example.
  • ProVisual Engine - This is actually a set of tools that help you take a perfect shot, edit it and share it on social media with far less effort than before. With this phone, you have all that you need for different life aspects, and the only thing that remains is to choose the right phone case.

Biodegradable Samsung S24 Phone Case

Choose the best phone case for your Galaxy S24

Samsung Galaxy S24 series has some amazing upgrades, and it is important to protect the phone at any cost. The models are a bit pricier than the previous series, and you certainly don`t want to risk breaking your $1,300 phone because of an inefficient or non-existent phone case. You should choose the best possible phone case so that you can enjoy the newest AI features that make your life a lot easier. Here is what you should bear in mind when picking the best case for your new phone.

Samsung Galaxy S24 case style

To be honest, this truly is one of the most important features of a phone case. No matter if you have a titanium or aluminium frame or a certain colour of the phone, it is the phone case that is visible to the outside world. It is important for the phone case to reflect your personal style. Depending on whether you want a clear case, a specific design, or a monochromatic case, you should always get what you want.


The next thing on your list is the durability and efficiency of the phone case. Although new models will come out almost every year, there is no real reason for you to buy them. Once you buy some of the Samsung S24 models, you don`t have to change it for at least a couple of years, as it has amazing features. With this in mind, always read the reviews of the phone cases of a certain manufacturer, as you want to be able to use them for years. While it is true that you can use more than one phone case, and switch them depending on the occasion you are attending, the goal is to be able to use them as long as possible.

Eco-friendly Samsung Galaxy S24 series

We love the fact that Samsung has taken additional steps to make its phones more eco-friendly. For the first time, the battery was made using 50% recycled cobalt. Also, speakers are made of 100% rare earth elements and contain 40% recycled steel. And finally, each model you buy from the S24 series will come in 100% recyclable paper packaging. This is outstanding, given the high level of brand popularity, as this act will help promote eco-friendly products and practices.

Eco-Friendly Samsung S24 Phone

This is yet another example that everything can be done in a nature-friendly manner and that together we can make a difference. So, why should you choose a plastic phone case, when there are eco-friendly options? Here are 10 more reasons to ditch plastic phone cases.

Plant-based phone case for your new Samsung Galaxy S24 phone

We strive to make our environment a healthier place, and we only offer products that are nature-friendly. We are proud to offer the Samsung S24 eco-friendly phone cases.

Our phone cases have a 2-metre drop protection, so you don`t have to worry about accidentally dropping your phone to the ground. The phone cases are made of locally sourced Flex and Hamp in Sweden and are completely plastic-free. They also have new corner ribs that improve the impact dispersion that goes through the case. Your camera has never been safer, as these plant-based phone cases have an enhanced camera protection feature.

The best part is that they are a part of the agood loop™ system and promote a circular economy. When you want to switch your agood phone case for a different, or new model, just send them back to us and we will upcycle them to become new products. You will get a discount on your next purchase, so this practice is both eco-friendly and practical.

Can you use a phone case if the dimensions only slightly differ? 

When the dimensions only differ by a few millimetres, it is only natural that we wonder whether you can use your used mobile case  on a new model. However, we don`t recommend this, as only a perfect fit of the case and the model can provide maximum protection. If the phone case does not fit your phone perfectly it leaves plenty of room for scratches, dents, and dust. Also, when the position of the buttons and camera lenses is moved even by a millimetre it can downgrade users experience if the phone case does not align.

Browse our eco-friendly Samsung Galaxy cases

Final word

The new Samsung S24 series is remarkable, and whichever model you choose, you will not make a mistake. Useful features, durability, and numerous options that save you time and energy are the key components of this new series. Protect your new phone with eco-friendly mobile phone cases and enjoy using it for years to come.

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