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10 Reasons to Ditch Plastic Phone Cases

21 Jul 2023

What is the one item you use most on a daily basis? Most people will agree that it is their phone. Expensive or not, we use phones for business and pleasure throughout the day. We want to protect them from any dents, scratches, and marks. People around the world mostly go for phone cases made from non-biodegradable plastics, attributing to the rising problem of plastic pollution. This article will present you with the top reasons why you should ditch those plastic phone cases (the traditional ones made from fossil fuels, which are far harder to break down) immediately. Replace them with a healthier alternative, and you will sleep much better at night.

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Fossil fuel-derived plastic phone cases are not biodegradable

Biodegradable products are fantastic. Once you stop using them, they will decompose naturally within a year or so. Such products don`t harm the environment and don`t release anything hazardous into the air, waterways, and landfills. Animals don`t suffocate on these products, and plants do not either.

Plastic Phone Cases Are Not Biodegradable

Fossil fuel-derived plastic phone cases cannot be farther away from this scenario. They decompose only after a hundred years and release harmful particles into nature. To make matters worse, the fact that it takes so long for them to decompose means that they end up in landfills occupying so much space unnecessarily. Non-biodegradable plastic can never account for something nutritious and beneficial for the environment.

You have to change your plastic phone case along with your phone

When you want to change your phone, the question will my current case fit on the new phone pops out. The truth is, most new models of phones do not fit old phone cases, and you may wonder what to do with your old mobile case. Changing phone cases along with your phone every few years is not such a big issue if you use eco-friendly phone cases. So, instead of buying more and more harmful non-biodegradable plastic cases, switch to biodegradable cases. The purpose of such cases is to benefit the environment in the long term. When you throw away plastic phone cases, you are making garbage that does not go away.

You can also check out the iPhone case compatibility blog and find out whether you can continue using your old case.

They are not recyclable most of the time

The problem of plastic phone cases would not be so significant if we were only able to recycle them. Most phone cases consist of a mix of materials such as plastic, silicone, and metal. For this reason, recycling companies cannot recycle them at all.

A Pile of Plastic Phone Cases

Even when you dispose of your plastic phone case by taking it to the recycling center, the majority of cases simply end up in landfills. The process of recycling is too complex to even go through it. Over a billion brand-new plastic phone cases are produced and sold each year, making the goal of a plastic-free environment harder to reach.

Some of the plastic phone cases are burnt

Another way to dispose of such cases is to burn them. Although this resolves the issue of occupying space in the landfills, releasing toxic chemicals into the air is never the solution. Namely, when factories burn phone cases heavy metals release and go straight into the air.

To avoid fresh air and water from becoming a luxury, it is vital that we make the transition to plant-based phone cases. Instead of burning them, they will biodegrade in no time, leaving no carbon footprint whatsoever.

Microplastics are everywhere

When plastic cases degrade, they release microplastics into the environment. You may wonder why are microplastics detrimental to our health and nature. The mere fact that microplastics cannot be removed or destroyed is scary. Scientists have found them even on Mount Everest as well as in the ocean and wombs.

Research shows that microplastics can cause poisoning, health deterioration, and finally death. As if that is not enough, microplastics are a part of items that we always carry with us, such as phone cases. A better solution is always to buy eco-friendly phone cases, made from sustainable materials.

They contain phthalates, BPA, and other harmful chemicals

The main reason why your phone`s case is soft and flexible, instead of rigid is because of phthalates. Phthalates are widespread chemicals that have a negative impact on our overall health. They can disrup our endocrine system, and are far more dangerous for children as their bodies are evolving.

BPA (Bysphenol A) also a hazardous chemical, that is only safe at low levels. It can affect the brain, prostate glands, and even behaviour. The main goal is to use BPA free products, and use eco-friendly products whenever possible. Phtalatates, BPA, and microplastics are finding its way into nature, making plastic pollution one of the biggest environmental problems of 2023.

Plastic phone cases attract more plastic

When you buy a plastic phone case, it will usually come in a plastic packaging. But don`t worry, there are always better solutions. Plant-based phone cases come in environmentally friendly packaging.

Plastic Pollution Ocean

For example, ours come in an FSC-certified recycled cardboard box, so can rest assured the marine and ocean life will not suffer at all due to it. Most importantly, you can recycle this box, so that people can use it over and over again. Choose among some of the best eco-friendly phone case brands to improve your health, and preserve nature.

The manufacturing and shipping processes of plastic phone cases

Even the manufacturing and shipping processes of plastic phone cases are bad for our health. When the product itself is not good for the environment, then everything related to it cannot be eco-friendly. Manufacturers use non-renewable sources such as natural gas and oil to create plastic for phone cases. 

This will  inevitably lead to the lack of these sources in future. Combined with toxic chemicals, the creation of plastic phone cases pollutes air and water. The majority of these cases come from Asia, so shipping them via ships and planes is an everyday occurrence. This leads to increased levels in greenhouse gas emissions.

Gas Emissions from the Plastic Phone Case Factory

You don`t have to give up on comfort or aesthetics for your phones

Plastic phone cases made from industrially produced plastics have been a great solution to protect your phones up until now. With eco-friendly phone cases, the future looks bright while keeping your phones protected. Biodegradable and made with plants, holding your phone will be like holding a plant in your hands. Comfortable, easy to use and flexible, with fantastic designs to choose from, you will never regret switching to a better alternative.

Vanilla White No Plastic Phone Case
Canaiio 7 Plant Based Mobile Case

Have you heard about agood loop™ yet? Buying a phone case from us will enable you to return it once you finish using it, and get a discount for new purchases. You don`t have to worry about recycling, and you will save money on other planet-friendly products. Make your purchases count by choosing high-quality products over harmful plastic.

Ditching plastic phone cases is good for everyone

Whenever possible we should strive to find reusable alternatives to single-use plastics. Buying one plant-based phone case will allow you to use it on some other models, and when you finish with the product, you know it is recyclable and biodegradable. These plant-based options, often made from renewable sources like flax, hemp, sugarcane or cornstarch, represent the evolution of plastics into more sustainable forms known as bioplastics. Unlike traditional plastics derived from fossil fuels, bioplastics offer the dual benefits of being recyclable and biodegradable, thus minimising their impact on the environment. Plastic phone cases only amount to garbage, toxins, and waste, polluting our precious environment.

Create a better future by buying more consciously. Steps like these may seem small, but this could not be further from the truth. Each plastic item you replace with a healthier alternative is a better world within itself.

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