Reasons To Gift a Stone Paper Notebook

Reasons To Gift a Stone Paper Notebook

30 Jan 2023

Odds are you know someone who is an avid notetaker and counts their notebook amongst their most prized possessions. Richard Brandon is one such person so, if you know him, then he’d appreciate the gift of a good quality notebook.

But not all notebooks are made equal and, as regular notebook users will tell you, quality varies wildly. Taking some time to investigate different features significantly increases the likelihood of your gift being treasured and used. In this article, we’ll make the case for gifting our stone paper notebooks, over a regular wood-pulp paper notebook, using a fun technique we use when designing new products: user personas.

Black Stone Paper Notebook in a Bag

Persona 1: the perfectionist

Some people’s note-taking is almost an art form in itself. Their writing is neat and eligible and they make incredible use of different colours and pens to organise everything. Heaven forbid if anything disrupts their perfect little notebook world. These people will immediately appreciate a stone paper notebook because they’re super-smooth to write on using any writing tool you can think of. Biros, fountain pens, felt tips, pencils, crayons, paint. Whatever your note-taking maestro chooses, the writing experience will be equal to their skills.

Persona 2: the eco-warrior

First up we have the eco-warrior. This person is your go-to guide for things like recycling tips and the best apps to use to take advantage of food waste deals. They don’t buy a lot and when they do they research thoroughly to make sure that their consumption has the least impact possible on the planet. What your eco-conscious recipient looks for in a product:

  • Use of recycled or leftover materials.
  • Low carbon footprint.
  • No harmful chemicals.
  • Preservation of nature.

Stone Paper in Powder

The environmental advantages of stone paper notebooks

Your discerning, Earth-loving friend will be impressed by a stone paper notebook because:

  • It’s made from leftover stone gathered from local industries, preventing the need for deforestation. No trees need to be chopped down so they can stay in the ground where they belong.
  • Unlike regular paper (including recycled), stone paper is made using no water or harmful chemicals in a factory that runs on clean energy.
  • The carbon emissions from production and shipping are offset using tree planting.

Persona 3: the chef

Odds are you know an avid cook or even a professional chef. Stone paper notebooks are favourites in kitchens the world over. Why? Because stone paper has some unique properties over regular wood-pulp paper that makes it ideal for use in the kitchen environments. Stone paper is waterproof! You can spill award-winning tomato sauce all over then just wipe it clean, thus preserving the recipe. Grease, oil and flour won’t harm it either, and it’s pretty flame retardant. This makes stone paper ideal for making a recipe journal.

stone paper journal for recipes
Using Stone Paper Journal for Recipes
Eco-Friendly Pen and Refill

Persona 4: the klutz

We all know someone who suffers from a charming lack of coordination. They’re likely found frantically dabbing away coffee from themselves and the surrounding area. As you can probably imagine, the waterproof element of a stone paper notebook makes it the ideal gift for the clumsy person in your life. They could probably also make good use of agood protective mobile case.

Persona 5: the fashionista

Lastly, for that person you know who has enviable style and knows how to mix and match colours with enviable ease, a stone paper notebooks is also a good choice. They come in a range of colours to suit all tastes and the pages have a unique patina that catches the eye in meetings and coffee houses. Très chic!

Persona 6: the adventurer

By now you've probably gathered that stone paper notebooks are pretty hardy. This makes them perfect for outdoor adventurers—we even know scuba divers who use them! And don't worry, if they're accidentally left somewhere they'll photodegrade naturally.

Pomegranate Red Pocket Diary
Pomegranate Red Pack of Three Pocket Diaries

Whether it's hiking, camping, or even scuba diving, these durable notebooks can withstand the elements. They are water-resistant, ensuring that important notes or sketches won't be ruined by unexpected rain or splashes. Plus, the natural photodegradation means they won't leave a lasting impact on the environment if misplaced during an exciting expedition. Gift the adventurer in your life a reliable and eco-friendly companion for their next journey!

Persona 7: the on-the-go journalist

For the journalist always on the lookout for the next story, a stone paper notebook is the perfect ally. Journalists often find themselves in dynamic and unpredictable environments. Whether conducting interviews in crowded spaces or documenting stories outdoors, a stone paper notebook's durability ensures that it remains intact despite exposure to the elements.

Our stone paper notebooks and journals

One of the personas match up, maybe you want to gift yourself? We have a range of notebooks and journals:

  • A5 Notebook Hardcover - regular sized notebook, available blank, dotted or ruled with a durable hardcover.
  • A5 Notebook Softcover - the classic regular-sized notebook but with a more flexible and lightweight cover.
  • Pocket diary - designed for jacket or coat pockets. Perforated edges makes it easy to remove pages and deal for shopping lists.
  • Stone paper journal - A5 size but with some extra features and buttery soft vegan leather binding.

agood company stone paper notebook collections

Final thoughts

When it comes to choosing a thoughtful and practical gift, our stone paper notebooks check all the boxes. Whether you're shopping for a perfectionist, eco-warrior, chef, klutz, fashionista, or adventurer, these notebooks are a great choice. So, go ahead and make someone's day with a notebook that's as unique as they are!

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