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The Story

In an era where technology dominates our lives, the idea of a paperless world seems appealing, yet paper remains a ubiquitous material. Unfortunately, the vast majority of paper products end up in landfills, creating a staggering amount of waste. What was once a precious commodity is now an everyday item, used not only for communication but also for packaging. However, the production of paper has significant environmental consequences, requiring twice the energy of a plastic bag and leading to deforestation. In fact, a shocking 42% of all global wood harvest is used to make paper. This raises the question: is it truly worth sacrificing our planet's life-saving trees for a material that we use so carelessly? It's time to consider alternative solutions, and that's where agood company's innovative use of stone paper comes in.

stone paper

How we found it?

The environmental benefits of using stone paper instead of traditional pulp paper are numerous. The pulp and paper industry is a major polluter, using vast amounts of fresh water and energy to produce paper products. In fact, producing just one A4 sheet of paper can require up to 20 liters of water 4% of world energy. Additionally, the industry is chemically intensive, using toxic chemicals that are discharged as effluent into waterways, polluting rivers, harming ecosystems, and eventually entering the food chain. In contrast, the production of stone paper requires no water or chemicals, resulting in a much smaller environmental impact.

We at agood company were familiar with the production technique, and were looking for a supplier with the same appreciation for detail as ourselves. Our sourcing team in Hong Kong located the factory, and we researched the company extensively before making contact.

Upon meeting the founder, we came to realise that we had found what we were looking for: a passionate, family-owned company with deep-rooted craftsmanship and a genuine commitment to sustainable product development.

paper made from stone

The Stone Paper Factory has spent two decades perfecting its unique method of creating paper from stone. The process uses leftover limestone and marble from neighboring construction industries, which is crushed into a fine powder called calcium carbonate. This natural product, while not renewable, is abundant and used in many industries, such as construction, traditional paper-making, and everyday products like toothpaste, medicine, and baby powder.

The Process and way of Working

The Stone Paper Factory has spent two decades perfecting its own unique method to create a beautiful paper-like material from stone, in a dry process that uses no chemicals or water. In close collaboration with agood company, the factory produces our range of exquisite, high-quality notebooks, as well all of our packaging materials.

Stone paper is a relatively new type of paper that is becoming increasingly popular due to its versatality and sustainability. It is made from a combination of crushed leftover limestone and marble that is sourced from nearby construction sites. These natural materials are abundant and non-toxic, making them an ideal choice for eco-conscious paper production.

The process of creating stone paper include the following steps:

  • It begins with the crushing of the limestone and marble into a fine powder, known as calcium carbonate.
  • This is then mixed with recycled high-density polyethylene, a non-toxic material that is also highly recyclable.
  • The mixture is transformed into small white pellets, which resemble candy.
  • These pellets are then processed using a proprietary method that turns them into a material that looks and feels like traditional paper, but without the use of any acids, water or bleach.
  • The result is a smooth, durable, and water-resistant material that is suitable for a wide range of applications, from notebooks and journals to packaging and labels.

Unlike traditional paper production, which is notoriously polluting and resource-intensive, the production of stone paper generates no pollution and requires no water or bleach. Additionally, the Stone Paper Factory that produces this paper sources all its energy from solar panels, making it carbon-neutral.

The use of stone paper represents a significant step forward in sustainable paper production. By utilizing leftover materials and avoiding the use of harmful chemicals and resources, stone paper offers a viable alternative to traditional paper that is both eco-friendly and highly functional.

About the owner

stone paper factory owner

The inventor of the environmentally-friendly method of producing stone paper is a Taiwanese entrepreneur and engineer, who has an extensive background in plastics manufacturing. However, he became increasingly concerned about the pollution caused by the manufacture of plastics, which led him to explore new materials and ways of working. Utilizing his extensive knowledge of manufacturing and machinery, he set out to invent a completely new raw material that could be used as an alternative to traditional pulp paper.

stone paper factory owner

The inventor's extensive experience in the manufacturing industry enabled him to develop a revolutionary method of creating a new kind of paper from stone. By combining his knowledge of plastic manufacturing and the principles of sustainability, he was able to create a paper that could reduce the environmental impact of traditional pulp paper production significantly.


In conclusion, the agood stone paper notebook is a remarkable example of how innovative thinking and sustainable practices can revolutionize an industry. By using leftover materials from construction sites and a unique process that requires no water, chemicals or bleaches, agood company with our Stone Paper Factory has created a product that not only looks and feels like traditional paper but also has a significantly lower environmental impact.

The use of stone paper can help reduce the demand for traditional pulp paper, which is one of the world's biggest polluters, and decrease the need for deforestation. agood company with open arms is embracing this new technology and offering high-quality products made from stone paper, there is hope that we can move towards a more sustainable future where eco-conscious alternatives are the norm rather than the exception.

paper made from stone

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