Christmas Gifts for Kids

11 Eco-friendly Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

07 Dec 2023

It is the most beautiful time of the year once again. The time for spending plenty of time with your family during holidays, carefully choosing gifts, and spreading joy and love. This year, join us on a mission of living an eco-conscious life, and helping the environment in every way. When you buy presents for your kids and the kids of your loved ones, choose sustainable ones. Choose long-lasting, durable, and non-toxic gifts that truly make a difference.

This article will present you with the best eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas this year. And make sure to tell your kids all about the importance of using green products. In this way, we will raise eco-consious generations that will lead us into a greener future.

Christmas Gifts for Kids

Snack box from recyclable steel 

Spending time outdoors is the most important thing for your kids. It is the perfect way for them to enjoy nature, and to learn about preserving the environment. Fresh air and lots of physical activity mean that soon, the time will come for a healthy snack. Enrich this Christmas with an eco-friendly snack box for your kids that will last you a lifetime.

It is made from recycled steel, among the most durable materials. It will last for decades and still be as functional as on the very first day. When your kids are finished with their snack, just throw it into the dishwashing machine, and it will be ready for use again. The food will remain hot for up to 20 hours, and cold for 48. So don't worry about the weather, your food will be just perfect.

Eco-friendly seat pad

The Polarn O. Pyret seat pad for kids is made from upcycled materials and is completely eco-friendly. It is lightweight which means that you can easily take it with you on your picnic, trip, or use it at home for chairs or wherever your kids choose to sit.

When outside with your kids, it is important to have water-resistant materials that will sustain rain or water. This seat is efficient because it is waterproof, so you don`t have to worry about accidental spills as well. When you are not using the seat pad, just fold it and keep it together with your other picnic equipment.

Reusable Seat Pads
Reusable Seat Pad Tigerlily

Climate-positive bottle

Just like the snack box, this reusable thermal bottle for kids is made from recycled steel and can last for decades. Teaching your kids about not using single-use plastic such as plastic water bottles, is one of the best things you can teach them, both for their health and for the environment. Turn to high-quality thermal bottles, that your kids can use in school, at home, or anywhere outside, without worrying about toxic substances.

With a stylish design, your young ones will not have a hard time accepting this eco-friendly bottle. It is so lightweight it will never become a burdein, rather they will be happy to carry it around. Your kids will become advocates of a better, greener future.

Bamboo toothbrush

Your kids will adore their bamboo toothbrush as it is different from all the other plastic toothbrushes. It comes in various colours, and it is made from a sustainably grown bamboo. Climate-positive toothbrushes for kids are a perfect Christmas gift. Is there a better time to express care, joy, and start building new, eco-friendly habits than during holidays?

These toothbrushes are naturally antibacterial, and are comfortable to use, meaning there is no obstacle for your kids to enjoy brushing their teeth.

Handmade dolls for kids

Handmade inclusive dolls for kids are one of the greatest gifts you can give to your child. Fostering care, imagination, and improving fine motor skills, dolls have always been a huge part of a child`s life. They are made from non-toxic materials and can have two types of filling as per your choice. Choose recycled polyester, obtained from recycled plastic bottles, and is a fantastic vegan option. Or choose filling from local sheep wool, a material that is biodegradable and also recyclable. The dolls come in two sizes.

Sustainable pocket sized dolls - Happiness can sometimes fit in a pocket. And the proof for this are our inclusive, pocket sized dolls, only 14 cm high. You can easily handwash it at 30 degrees when the time comes, and it will be ready for play again.

Sustainable handmade big dolls for children - Each of these magnificent and carefully crafted dolls is 34-36 cm high. They foster imagination, creativity, empathy, diversion, and having fun. Each of them also has a pocket that can fit the pocket sized dolls to make play even more interesting. Dressing these dolls will enable your kids to develop their fine motor skills. Apart from these, there are many more reasons why inclusive dolls for kids matter, and make for a perfect eco-friendly Christmas gift.

Sustainable Handmade Doll as a Perfect Christmas Gift
Kids Playing With Handmade Inclusive Dolls

School supply pack

Maybe this does not ring a (jingle) bell when you think about Christmas gifts, but it is actually a fantastic way for nurturing environmental awareness in our children. It consists of a notebook, pen, and a bottle. We already mentioned eco-friendly bottles, and here is something about the sustainable notebook and a natural grass pen from the school supply set.

Stone paper notebook - This notebook is a great Christmas gift for kids as they become ready to acquire knowledge from school. Tear-resistant and water-resistant features of this notebook make it ideal for preserving those notes your kids will make.

Natural grass pen - Explain to your kids why this pen is so great for the environment. Together with you, they will learn about circular economy. The pen is made from eco-friendly materials, can be refilled endlessly, and recycled efficiently.

Sustainable baby kit

If you have a baby, or are about to visit a baby during the holidays, this sustainable baby kit is a long-lasting, eco-friendly gift every baby will absolutely adore. It contains tissues and swabs that are reusable, and they come in boxes which are made from the ocean-bound plastic, and do not harm the environment in any way. Swab bumps prevent any harm to the baby`s ear, and tissues are fantastic for sensitive baby skin. It is never to early to start using climate-positive products, and making eco-friendly decisions that will ensure a bright future.

Sustainable Baby Kit
Organic Tissues for Kids

Wooden Lego

Wooden bricks for kids in shape of a Lego, and compatible with it, but without all the unnecessary plastic is a spot-on eco-friendly gift for kids. And as if this is not already enough, you can get them biodegradable bamboo bricks for play as well. Building different objects from bricks guarantees hours and hours of fun, without your kids looking at the screen, or using plastic, and other toxic materials in play.

Handmade Wooden Pikler Triangle

Spread the joy this Christmas by ordering a handmade wooden Pikler triangle for your kids to spend hours climbing up and down. It is amazing what a bit of empty space in a corner of the room can do for their imagination, and motor skills. Pair it with a wooden sliding ramp, and just observe their happiness. What is the most important thing about this homemade gym for kids is that it is 100% eco-friendly, and does not contain any toxic colours or materials.

Wooden Sliding Ramp

Montessori Busy Board

Surprise your toddler with a Montessori Busy Board this Christmas that is eco-friendly and climate-positive. They will get to practice their finger grip, fine motor skills, deduction, learn plenty of new phrases and names, and just enjoy themselves for days and days. It comes in various sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your home. One thing is certain, your toddler will love playing with the board, and you will have the opportunity to tell them all about the eco-friendly impact the toy has.

Wooden Bracelet Making Kit

This wooden bracelet making kit will keep your kid occupied and for a good reason. It contains enough material for 10 eco-friendly bracelets. They will be able to get creative as much as they want, and mix and match different colours, textures, and materials. It is also great for practising patience and fine motor skills. But, most importantly, they will learn that any toy and product can be made from sustainable materials that do not harm the environment.

Explore our collection of sustainable Christmas gifts for kids

Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Kids

Final word

There are countless Christmas gift ideas that you can choose from this year. And when we have a choice, it is our responsibility to make a conscious choice. The one that will harm no one, and promote growth, instead of pollution, plastic waste, and other toxic materials.

Whether it is toys, gadgets, school sets, hygienic items, or anything else, always make sure that Christmas gifts for kids are in harmony with nature. Because when they are in harmony with nature, they are in harmony with us, our bodies and mind alike. Join us in our mission to create eco-friendly products, and donate water, trees, and money from sales with every purchase you make.

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