How is this clothing line different from other fashion products?

Our clothing is made in Turkey, using Turkish cotton. Our t-shirts and long sleeves begin life using 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled cotton. The cotton is grown using no synthetic agricultural fertilisers or pesticides, meaning it’s a great deal more environmentally friendly than conventional cotton (which still accounts for 99% of all cotton production). What’s more, our products are designed specifically to be recycled using agood loop process.

Which clothing items use organic cotton?

Organic cotton is used to produce men's shirts and long sleeves and woman's tank tops and t-shirts.

Where can I find product sizing information?

Product sizing varies product to product. Product size information can be found on each product page. The sizing is specified both in inches and centimetres.

What are the available colors for a good company's clothing?

Men's tops come in White, Black, Midnight Blue, Heather Grey, and Moss. Women's tops are available in White, Black, Heather Grey, Sand, and Sage. Underwear comes in Charcoal, Black, Sage (female only), and Midnight Blue (male only). Socks are available in White, Black, and Peacoat Blue (ankle only).

Where are clothing products made?

We manufacture all our products in factories that fit our values.

The T-Shirt and Underwear Factory is located in Izmir, Turkey and has been operating for four generations. The factory is a family-owned business that has installed solar power since 2014 and owns its organic cotton field.

The Socks Factory is located in China and has received several certifications for ethical manufacturing practices. The factory has been awarded WRAP, SEDEX, GSS, and BSCI certifications.

What materials are used in manufacturing of agood company underwear?

Our underwear is made 95% from Lyocell (the other 5% is Elastane which is needed for the stretch!). Made from wood chippings obtained from well-managed forests, the TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres we use have received the European Award for the Environment from the European Commission in the category “The Technology Award for Sustainable Development”

What actually is organic cotton and how should I wash / care for agood company clothes?

Organic cotton comes from non-GMO plants grown without the use of synthetic agricultural chemicals, such as fertilisers or pesticides. Adherence to these practices has to be certified by an appropriate government agency or approved NGO. Our recycled organic cotton is GRS-certified (Global Recycled Standard), and our organic cotton from Turkey is both GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) and OCS-certified (Organic content standard).

Wash as you would a regular cotton garment, preferably at low temperatures with eco-certified detergents.

How does the circular economy create value?

We’ve been working on this truly circular fashion line for more than two years, scrutinising suppliers (we looked at over 800 different potential partners) and making sure that the production was in line with what we stand for as a sustainable and social impact brand. With our circular fashion line, just send the clothes back to us once they've served their purpose in your wardrobe – and we'll make a new piece of clothing out of them, increasing the recycled % of our clothes over time. And we can do this over and over again. It’s what we call agood loop.

Is recycled cotton more eco-friendly than organic and conventional cotton?

While organic cotton farming uses no synthetic agricultural chemicals, such as fertilisers or pesticides, and is certainly an improvement over conventional methods, it doesn't tackle the issue that farming cotton is highly water-intensive and can still damage eco-hydrology. We at agood company are advocates of recycled cotton because of the emphasis on circularity and the limited use of virgin materials. Recycling represents a move away from a linear economy (make, use, dispose), to a circular economy in which the raw materials used to produce goods are reused for as long as possible.

What does sustainability mean to us in fashion?

For us, sustainability means using climate compensated resources, such as carefully grown fiber crops or recycled materials. We are promoting second-hand retail, repair, reuse and practice upcycling. agood company's circular, trackable clothing is designed for future generations.

What is recycled cotton?

Recycled cotton can be generally defined as converting cotton fabric into cotton fiber that can be reused in textile products. This allows the item to find a new purpose as something else, diverting it away from landfills and incinerators. Our recycled organic cotton is GRS-certified (Global Recycled Standard).

How can I learn more about what happens after I recycle my clothes?

Recycled cotton is collected from industry or consumer waste. Items are first separated by type and colour, then shredded by a machine into smaller pieces and further into crude fibre. It can then be respun back into yarn for reuse and given a new life as another product.The process of shredding the fabric into its cruder forms is quite stressful. This compromises the quality of the new fibre, making it shorter and harder to spin. Consequently, the new fibres are blended with other virgin materials, such as organic cotton, to improve strength and make them suitable for reuse.