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The Story

Organic cotton


Fast fashion may seem like the solution to all of our fashion needs, but it's actually the root of some major environmental problems. From the production of synthetic fabrics that could outlast our great-great-grandchildren to the overuse of natural resources like water and land, the fast fashion industry is like a wrecking ball to the environment. It's kind of like that ex who won't stop texting you, except instead of emotional baggage, fast fashion is leaving us with literal landfills full of non-biodegradable clothing. If we don't take a closer look at the materials used in fast fashion and the impact they're having on the planet, we might just end up with a fashion industry that's more toxic than your ex's personality.

agood company is not just another pretty face in the fashion world - we're also a force for good in the fight against environmental destruction. By using organic cotton from a factory which is the first certified organic textile company of turkiye in our clothing line, we're taking a stand against the conventional cotton industry, which is basically the bully of the farming world. We're saying no to soil degradation, water pollution, and the loss of biodiversity, and yes to sustainable agriculture practices, natural resource conservation, and reducing the use of harmful chemicals.

Plus, our clothing line supports circular fashion where you can send your clothes back at the end of their cycle and we will give it a new life. So, if you want to look good and feel good about what you're wearing, choose our organic cotton clothing line - it's fashion with a conscience, and that's always in style.

How we found it?

organic cotton fields


As a company, we believe that fashion and sustainability can coexist, and that's why we've been on a mission to find the best textile manufacturer that not only creates high-quality products but also adheres to strict environmental and ethical standards. We searched high and low, and finally, we found the perfect partner in The factory, the first certified organic textile company in Türkiye.

The Factory is not your average textile company. They're committed to promoting sustainable agricultural practices from 1900 and using organic cotton that's grown in the Izmir region of Western Türkiye, which happens to be one of the best quality cottons in the world. And it's not just the cotton that's organic - all of their processes, from fiber to finished garments, follow the Sustainable Textile Standards of GOTS. That's right, they're so committed to sustainability that they even have certifications to prove it!

But it's not just about the environment - The factory also cares about the people involved in their production process. They work with contracted farmers who are dedicated to organic agriculture, and they ensure that all practices are in accordance with the European Union Regulation (EEC) No. 2092/91 on production of agricultural products. By doing so, they're promoting fair and ethical treatment of farmers and workers.

We're proud to partner with this factory because we know that their commitment to sustainability and ethics aligns with our values. By using their organic cotton in our clothing line, we are helping to promote sustainable agriculture practices and conserve natural resources. And let's not forget about the quality - the cotton is seriously some of the best we've ever seen.

The process and way of working

solar panel


Organic cotton yarn

At our company, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices. That's why we have partnered with the leading textile company in Turkey, the factory, to source the finest quality organic cotton for our t-shirts.

  • The factory owns its organic cotton fields and sells organic cotton as fiber, yarns, both knitted and woven fabrics, and garments. The cotton used in our t-shirts is grown around Izmir region in Western Turkey, known as Aegean cotton, which is renowned for its exceptional quality
  • In order to ensure that our cotton is grown using sustainable and ethical practices, the factory has contracted local farmers for organic agriculture. This means that all processes, from the growth of the cotton to the manufacturing of the finished garments, are closely monitored and adhere to strict sustainable textile standards, such as the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). As the first certified organic textile company in Turkey, the factory sets the bar high for sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices.
  • In addition to using organic cotton, we also incorporate recycled cotton into our t-shirts. the factory has its own facility for processing recycled cotton, which allows us to reduce waste and minimize our environmental impact. Furthermore, the factory is committed to using renewable energy sources, such as solar power, to generate electricity for its manufacturing operations. This demonstrates their dedication to a more sustainable, renewable, and natural way of production.

About the owner

organic cotton fields

The factory has a rich history dating back to the early 1900s when it first opened its doors. Over the years, it has become a renowned textile company in Turkey, known for its commitment to quality and sustainability. As a family-owned business that spans four generations, the factory has a deep understanding of the textile industry and has adapted to the changing times while still upholding its traditional values.

In 1994, the factory began working with Patagonia, a well-known outdoor clothing brand that has a strong commitment to sustainability. This partnership allowed the factory to further its efforts towards ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices.

In 2014, the factory took a bold step towards sustainability by installing solar panels to generate electricity. This made them one of the first companies in Turkey to use solar power as a way of reducing their carbon footprint. The factory continues to prioritize sustainability in its operations, and this commitment can be seen in every step of the manufacturing process, from the use of organic cotton to the installation of solar panels.

The factory's dedication to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices has earned them recognition in the textile industry, and they continue to inspire other companies to follow in their footsteps. As a company, we are proud to work with a factory that shares our values and is committed to making a positive impact on the environment.


In conclusion, by choosing to use organic cotton in our agood clothing line, we're not just trying to keep up with the trend of sustainability, we're setting a new standard in the fashion industry. We're proud to be part of the solution, not the pollution, and we're committed to making a positive impact on the environment through our ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices. So, let's say goodbye to greenwashing and hello to truly sustainable fashion that doesn't sacrifice style for the sake of the planet.





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